How To Get Your Blog Post Message Heard

Get Your Blog Post Message Heard









Each blog post needs one key message.




One big idea.




One call-to-action.






“Your blog post is good when you make your readers feel something, when you make them think, smile, or take action”…..says Henneke





You’ve written your blog post.




You know what you want to say.




Will your readers get your message?






Here are Henneke’s 2 methods to help you create content and evaluate flow





1.  Outlining a blog post

  • Outlining a blog post is like following a proven recipe.

  • Before outlining, you brainstorm or mind map to consider what can be included in your post.

  • You associate freely, considering related ideas.

  • A common blog post outline covers the following points:

  • The opening paragraph describes what your post is about and whyreaders should make an effort to read it. How are you going to make them happier?

  • The main body of your blog post discusses the how–a series of tips or steps with or without examples.

  • The final paragraph includes a call-to-action, encouraging your reader to implement your advice.

  • Outlining a blog post helps you write faster.

  • Think of your outline as your check list to help you evaluate whether you’ve covered all your points in the right order.


2.   Freewriting

  • “Freewriting temporarily forces [our internal] editor into a subservient role, so you can get to thoughts that are raw, truthful, and unusual. It’s from thoughts like these that big ideas are more likely to come”. ~ Mark Levy (in: Accidental Genius)

  • When you freewrite your blog posts without an outline, you still have to ensure that your blog post follows a logical flow.

  • Rather than using an outline to restrict your writing, you create an outline to check your flow.

  • Which is simply called a reverse outline – it is an outline written after you’ve finished your post.

  • You list the key thought for each section (a series of short paragraphs below one subhead).

  • Then you check:  Do the key thoughts follow each other logically? 






Whether you outline or not, each blog post needs one key message.




One big idea.




One call-to-action.





Remember, your blog post message must make your readers feel something, when you make them think, smile, or take action.







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  1. I’m really lucky that my brain is always in free-writing mode. It takes more time for me to write down base thoughts, and the CTA’s, but once I have those, it’s on, baby! Thanks for the post. 🙂

  2. Joan, again you’ve taken something intense, and broken it down in such a way, to make it sound exciting, like taking piece after piece and putting them all together, filling in any holes and creating a masterpiece!!! Thanks again, my friend! XO

  3. Good afternoon! Stopping by from Facebook/UBC. This is great advice and something I am planning to implement in my own blogging. Also bookmarking your blog! 😉 I seem to have hit upon a topic right now that’s making people comment and interact, so I’m off to a good start! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Joan,

    Really great post. A lot of bloggers will learn a lot from this approach. I do a lot of free flowing writing, but that is a skill that I have learnt over the years when people are just starting out on their blogging journey they could really benefit from the structure you have outlined.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thank you! Yes free flowing writing is a skill I am working on right now…..Always love sharing value that people can implement right away 🙂 Appreciate your comment!

  5. A very useful post. I think the call to action is what I really need to work on. I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference.

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