How to Get More Blog Traffic

Get More Blog Traffic












Want more traffic to your blog?









Here are 14 strategies to help boost your traffic to your blog from Shanna Mallon, author, Post Planner








Put social networks to work for you by maximizing their ability to promote your blog posts!



Here are 6 specific tips:



1.  Share Your Blog Posts on Facebook

  • People who follow you on Facebook expect you to share your links



2.  Pin Your Images to Pinterest

  • Every time you publish a new blog post, share its images on Pinterest!



3.  Link to New Blog Posts on Google+

  • When you publish a new blog post, share the link on Google+, along with a little commentary & maybe one of the images from the post.
  • This invites your audience to check out the blog post, while also alerting Google to your new content.



4.  Stumble Your Content

  • When you publish a new blog post, share it on StumbleUpon.
  • This network pushes stumbled content to users, giving you an immediate burst of traffic.



5.  Add Sharing Buttons to Your Site

  • Encourage your readers to promote your blog posts by making it incredibly easy for them.
  • Add sharing buttons to your site that allow for one-click sharing.
  • You may do this with:
  • ShareThis
  • Slick Social Share
  • Sharebar



6.  Include Links Everywhere

  • Place links to your blog in your email signature, on your personal Facebook profile, on your LinkedIn profile
  • By sharing the link everywhere, you increase opportunities for others to find your site.




In today’s social-focused Internet, relationships are more important than ever.


Build meaningful connections with these 4 strategies & you set up your site for success.



7.  Go Where Your Audience Is

  • If you’re a business blogger with a target audience of entrepreneurs, think of the places where entrepreneurs go online & get yourself noticed there.



8.  Leave Meaningful Comments on Relevant Blogs

  • Subtly promote your site by being an interesting, thoughtful commenter.
  • Not only do you let the blogger know about your site, but you also get your name in front of your target audience.



9.  Reach Out to Bloggers Directly

  • Sometimes it’s helpful to reach out to bloggers directly to build connections.
  • Find bloggers you relate to & admire — then send heartfelt notes to say hi.
  • Those bloggers will often click through to your site — but more than that, they may become valuable connections in the blog world.




10.  Always Respond to Comments

  • Treat your existing readers well by being responsive.
  • Respond to every comment & make readers feel part of a conversation.





Wondering what kind of content helps boost traffic?


Here are a few tips to help you…



11.  Solve a Problem

  • Meet a need for readers & you become highly valuable.
  • When you’re a valued resource, readers share your content with others, bringing you new traffic.



12.  Interview Someone in Your Industry

  • Think about leaders in your industry or bloggers you admire.
  •  Interview someone & post the interaction on your blog
  • This is a great way to bring in new traffic.



13.  Write Something Controversial

  • If you feel strongly about something & are willing to take a risk, boldly post.
  • Controversy tends to draw high traffic, because it evokes readers’ passions.
  • Be careful with this one, though — being too controversial can backfire, sending readers away.



14.  Consider a Series

  • Brainstorm a series of blog posts about a specific topic & plan out a schedule of posts that fit into the series.
  • By building anticipation, themed content draws readers over time.






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