Do You Get Distracted On Twitter?

How To NOT Get Distracted On Twitter








Do you get easily distracted on Twitter?




Part of your Social Media strategy is to utilize Twitter , so you venture over to Twitter to share your latest blog post.






Does this happen to you, too?

  • You type your message, click Tweet and you’re just about to leave when…
  • Something in your timeline catches your eye.
  • It’ll only take a few seconds to check it out, right?
  • Then you see something else……..Then something else……….




Twitter’s a powerful tool for bloggers, but it’s also a dangerous distraction.




You are scrolling endlessly through your feed and you  feel productive – particularly when you tell yourself it’s research – but deep down you know it’s the opposite.




So, is it possible to get the benefits of Twitter without being sidetracked by the distractions or wasting time on ineffective tactics?





In today’s post, I wanted to share a few secrets to getting better results in less time on Twitter from Jimmy Daly, content editor at Vero.

  • Despite these distractions, a couple of simple rules will help you make the most of your Twitter time without becoming distracted
  • Rule #1: Visit sparingly
  • It’s counter-intuitive, but you can achieve most of what you need to do as a Twitter-savvy blogger without actually visiting
  • Minimizing the time spent on the main site lets you focus on your agenda – not Twitter’s – and numerous tools exist that allow you to leverage the platform more indirectly.
  • Rule #2: Stay focused on a small number of goals
  • Much of the overwhelm that bloggers experience in relation to Twitter comes from a lack of focus.
  • They try too many approaches at once, hoping that one of them will lead to success.
  • That’s why it’s important to get laser-focused on a few goals.
  • Most bloggers ultimately want more traffic from Twitter and that means concentrating on two specific areas:
  • Getting more followers (particularly users who have a large network of their own)
  • Increasing conversions (i.e., getting more clicks from your tweets)
  • Because time spent on these two has the best chance of yielding results…….and here’s why:
  • The more followers you have, the more people on average will see each of your tweets. This means more people to click your links and retweet your content.
  • The higher your conversions, the more traffic you get on average from each tweet.




Getting more Twitter followers and converting more tweets into clicks boils down to using a small number of proven tactics.




The following Twitter behaviors are the building blocks of any successful Twitter strategy:

  • Tweeting often.
  • With the right combination of value and frequency, followers will start to form a habit of clicking and sharing your tweets.
  • Five tweets per day is a good base level – increase for as long as engagement continues to rise.
  • Using hashtags.
  • Hashtags are the glue that bonds Twitter discussions together.
  • Total strangers who share a common interest can be connected with a single hashtag.
  • Using hashtags is the easiest way to expand your reach beyond your current follower list and tap into the full power of the Twitter platform.
  • Retweeting influencers.
  • Retweeting – Twitter’s version of content curation – can be valuable for your followers and a way to get noticed by the influencers whose content you share.
  • A retweet is a gesture of goodwill and a great way to start a relationship with an influencer who may reciprocate with a follow or a future retweet of your content.
  • Favoriting tweets.
  • Like retweeting, favoriting is an effective way to get noticed by influencers who might one day share your content.
  • When you favorite a tweet, the owner receives a notification – often by email – alerting them.
  • This is a cool way to “introduce” yourself to influencers who you want to share your content and tweets.
  • Joining Twitter chats.
  • How often are people interested in networking with strangers?
  • Not that often, but it happens during Twitter chats all the time.
  • Twitter chats relevant to your industry are a great way to get more followers and conversions.
  • Writing a killer bio.
  • Your Twitter bio is your social media elevator pitch.
  • Make sure it describes who you are, gets people excited to follow you and uses keywords relevant to your business.






Here are 3 Simple Ways to Minimize Your Time on Twitter


The key to time-efficient Twitter mastery is to find ways to get the benefit from the various tactics without having to spend lots of time on them……And there are three basic strategies for achieving more in less time:



Strategy #1: Increase Your Efficiency

  • Reduce the time required to complete necessary manual tasks.
  • Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts
  • Imprint these on your brain to save mouse clicks – and precious time:
  • n – new tweet
  • f – favorite tweet
  • r – reply
  • t – retweet
  • cmd + enter – send tweet

Strategy #2: Optimize Your Efforts

  • Get better results from the effort you put in
  • Discover the perfect time and frequency for your tweets
  • You can supercharge various other Twitter tactics by getting smarter about where you focus your limited time.
  • Here’s how:
  • Discover the best hashtags and get ideas for new ones
  • Find influencers to retweet and favorite on Buzzsumo, SocialRankand Topsy.
  • See how influential a user really is with Riffle.
  • Find the best Twitter chats to participate in using ChatSalad.


Strategy #3: Automate Common Tasks

  • Convert time-consuming manual tasks into automated tasks
  • Automation is the Holy Grail for the time-conscious Twitter user.
  • Setting things up so you can gain followers and increase traffic without any additional manual effort on your part (beyond any initial configuration) is one of the best ways to scale your Twitter activity.
  • Here are a few automation tools to help get you started:
  • IFTTT: Create custom recipes to automate a variety of Twitter-related tasks, for example: add content from RSS feeds to Twitter or Buffer; automatically add users whose tweets you’ve favorited to a custom list; trigger an email when a important influencer posts a new tweet.
  • SumAll: Get daily email reports about your Twitter activity and engagement.
  • Evergreen Post Tweeter: Automatically tweet old posts on your blog using a WordPress plugin..




Now that you have all the tools you need to manage Twitter efficiently, it’s time to craft a 15-minute plan of action.




Your Daily 15 Minute Power Plan for Twitter

Here’s a template you can use to plan your own Twitter strategy, broken down minute by minute.

  • 1 – 5: Check your Twitter notifications and reply to people who have questions.
  • Check analytics in Buffer, Hootsuite or Twitter Analytics for yesterday’s wins.
  • Apply those lessons to today.
  • Specifically, look for tweets with a high number of clicks or retweets.
  • If you’ve found something that works well, schedule it again and don’t be afraid to ask for a retweet from someone influential.
  • 6 – 10: Check email alerts from Buzzsumo, Mention, Nuzzel, etc.
  • Schedule tweets/retweets in Buffer and add relevant content ideas to your swipe file.
  • Share your latest content with your best followers and ask them to share it.
  • Pro tip: Make sure your Evergreen Post Tweeter schedule doesn’t overlap directly with your Buffer schedule.
  • Use the data from Tweriod to optimize each.
  • 11 – 15: Add content to your Buffer queue via RSS feeds.
  • Add your own content and that of other influencers.
  • Try to share content your followers won’t find elsewhere by regularly visiting relevant subreddits and forums.
  • Use to add the best hashtags.




Are You Ready to Become Less Distracted On Twitter?




So why not invest a little time in creating your own 15-minute Twitter power plan?




Because when you do it right, a little effort can go a long way.








If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share…..Thank You!




Sharing Is Caring!




To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. I don’t get distracted on Twitter (unlike Facebook which is a major distraction for me) but I have found it difficult to learn how Twitter really works, including the value of favoring tweets. I find Twitter the least favorite of the social media I use and it shouldn’t be that way. Thank you for the information.

    1. I think MOST get way more distracted on FB, Alana 🙂 I would agree way too many distractions on FB lol But Twitter can be distracting for us bloggers as well for we tend to want to keep scrolling and reading all of the tweets then forget that we came there to POST our tips 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hey Joan – great minds think alike! I am getting my own Twitter ebook together – Twitter has not been one of my favs – but, it is starting to become easier as I research for my own ebook! Big hugs, 🙂

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