How To Get Your Facebook Page To Kick Ass!

8 Surprising Ways Your Facebook Page Can Kick Ass








Even if you’re not an expert in social media marketing, you can still have a Facebook page that kicks ass!




All you have to do is follow these 8 simple tips from Post Planner’s Ravi Shukle…..ENJOY!




1. Post a Kick-ass Cover Photo

  • The 1st thing visitors see when landing on your Facebook fan page is your cover photo.
  • That’s why you need to make sure it has 3 key ingredients:
  • A clear & compelling call-to-action
  • Contact info for the business
  • A caption on the photo — with a link to your website
  • Click here to get some more ideas to get you started on creating a fantastic cover photo



2. Write a Kick-ass About Section

  • Many people don’t know that their Facebook business page actually has 2 About sections:
  • The abbreviated About section is displayed underneath your cover image.
  • The full-length About section is shown when somebody clicks on the About link at the bottom of the abbreviated About section.
  • This info is indexed by Google — which can help you rank in search results.
  • So make sure you include:
  • Business milestones
  • Testimonials
  • Page guidelines (rules on spam & misbehavior)



3. Organize a Content Calendar

  •  If you’re like me, you probably have 5 or more tabs open on your browser right now — mostly because you have content you want to return to later.
  • A content calendar lets you place all these great content ideas & themes into one place — which helps you create a solid Facebook content strategy.
  • Once you find a killer status you want to use, all you have to do is schedule, schedule, schedule!
  • Highly recommend Platinum Poster to automate your posting on Facebook….Click here to grab your copy!



4. Share Your Milestones

  • People do business with those they know, like & trust — especially on social media
  • Part of building trust is inviting your fans along on for the journey.
  • Involving your fans will build relationships, loyalty & trust
  • Remember, there’s a huge variety of Facebook posts — and yours don’t have to all business all the time.
  • Mix it up & provide your community something interesting to talk about.


5. Use Facebook Tab Apps

  • Facebook tab apps are great for capturing leads & getting more engagement on Facebook.
  • One of the biggest mistakes page owners make is not using the space for 3 Facebook apps.
  • When choosing one, make sure to consider your businesses goals.
  • Here are a few to get you started:

Once you’ve created your tab apps, makes sure to add custom app thumbnails to help draw attention to the tabs on your page. 



6. Post More Often

  • Increase your reach by posting more often.
  • Try visiting your post Insights to see when your fans are most active online — then post content when your fans are likely to be logged in.
  • Start with a test phase to see how your fans respond to more posts.
  • Then stick with the new content strategy if your engagement remains steady.
  • Test what type of content works on your Facebook page & don’t be afraid to post more often.



7. Stop, Collaborate & Listen

  • A great way to boost engagement on your page is to collaborate & network with other Facebook users.
  • Collaborating with other fan pages lets you:
  • Reach new audiences
  • Cross-promote your posts with others
  • Get more fans on your page
  • Boost Facebook engagement




8. Re-Purpose Your Facebook Content

  • The most challenging part of any content strategy is to get more eyeballs to look at your stuff
  • A surefire way to increase engagement on Facebook posts:
  • Repurpose your content!
  • Turn your Facebook status ideas & existing content into micro-content to share across other social media platforms & on your website & blog.
  • Here are some ways to turn one blog post into several pieces of content:
  • Audio – Record yourself reading your blog post
  • Video – Videotape a summary & explanation of your post & upload it to the web
  • Slides – SlideShare lets you turn a blog post into an entertaining slide presentation
  • Images – Turn the key images in your post into pictures with quotations or micrographics/infographics
  • Tweets – Shorten the wisest parts of the article to 140 characters or fewer — and tweet




Just apply these 8 ways to all of your content & watch your reach & engagement blossom!





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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