How To Get A Fanatical Fan Base For Your Business

Grow Your Business By Getting A Fanatical Fan Base






So how do you get someone to not only know about you, but like you enough to engage with your business frequently, and maybe even tell others about you?



“In the online world, it has everything to do with creating the right content“…….says Neil Patel  (the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Stride, and KISSmetrics)



If you want to cultivate a fanatical fan base, here is a post I found with 7 tips and techniques by HubSpot’s Neil Patel: HubSpot’s 7 Tips and Techniques, that you should follow in your content marketing efforts.



1) Use lots of images.

  • The right pictures reinforce the way that fans think.
  • The right image can cut a clean path straight to a user’s emotions, creating excitement, fear, anger, disappointment, or joy in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Creating a fanatical fan base has a lot to do with shaping a culture.
  • One of the things that you can do to enhance this culture is to create images with style — basically, making sure that whenever people see an image from your company, they know it’s from your company.


2) Use fan-sourced content.

  • Content creation doesn’t have to be totally up to you.
  • Pull content from your fans — they will love it.
  • Giving content creation to fans allows them to have a sense of ownership of the brand.
  • This ownership, in turn, improves their fanaticism over the brand, too.


3) Give them free and/or exclusive content.

  • One awesome way to keep fans happy and engaged is to give them gifts.
  • Too often, we think of giveaways and freebies as gimmicks to pull in new customers.
  • We forget the power that such promotions have with existing fans.
  • They want to know that they are recognized, valued, and appreciated by the company.
  • After all, it’s because of fans that businesses are successful.
  • If you can’t give stuff away, you can sell it — and fans probably won’t mind opening their wallets to buy fan merchandise.


4) Develop a distinctive culture through content, and let your fans share in it.

  • You build fans by creating culture.
  • For maximum fan success, you can create a culture that goes beyond the walls of your office, and spreads to the fan culture, too.
  • You’ve got to form this culture in conjunction with your fans, allowing them to shape it and contribute to it.
  • Culture is formed through content.
  • The tone and style of your content cater to certain users who in turn become fans.


5) Create authentic content for your fans.

  • Creating fans is about creating relationships — and the substance of relationships is built on openness and authenticity.
  • There are ways to communicate openness and authenticity in your content that will increase your appeal among fans.
  • Write in the first person.
  • Your fans will relate to and respond to personal stories.
  • Tell about your failures and your victories.
  • They will understand it and appreciate it.


6) Go deep in your content.

  • Fans come together because they are more passionate about a subject than anyone else in the world.
  • Not only are they more passionate, but they are also more knowledgeable about that subject.
  • To help them become more knowledgeable, you should create content that goes deep.
  • Explore the most obscure nuances of your niche, because your users expect it, need it, and want it.
  • Going deep is about producing great content.
  • Deep content is good content.
  • That’s what will make fans happy.


7) Cater to their egos.

  • Like pretty much any human being, ever, fans need to have their egos stroked.
  • Great brands lean into this ego stroking to give fans content they love.
  • Tip: Write content for them and about them.
  • The easy way to do this is to speak directly to their wants and passions.
  • Thank them…..Appreciate them……Love them.





When it comes to creating a fan base, we need to draw a direct line between fans and content.




Content in its multi various forms is what fans engage with.




By improving your content, you can grow your fans.






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  1. Hi Joan,
    I always enjoy reading your posts. This post reminds me of the quote by Zig Ziglar. “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.”

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