How To Get More Inspiration For Your Next Blog Post

Here Are 13 Ideas That Will Help You Get Inspiration For Your Next Blog Post








Have you ever done this?


You’re staring at a blank sheet, unsure what to write about next.


Don’t think: What should I write next? 


Instead, consider: How can I help my readers?




Here is How to Generate an Endless Stream of Blog Post Ideas from Henneke, starting with these 7 blog post ideas to help you re-focus on your readers and write posts your readers will crave to read



Sneak into the head of your ideal reader

1.  Check your blog comments for questions your readers have asked and answer them in your blog post.

2.  Picture the business or personal objectives of your ideal reader and consider how you can help her reach her aims.

  • How can you make her happier, healthier, richer, or more popular?
  • Write a list post or a how-to post.

3.  Consider what your ideal reader struggles with and share your most useful tips.

4.  Provide a buying guide with genuine advice.

5.  Provide guidance to help your ideal reader make choices.

6.  Help your ideal reader avoid mistakes.

  • Everyone is nervous about making mistakes or looking silly.
  • A post outlining a number of mistakes is a sure-fire hit.

7.  Write about your own weaknesses or failures to help your readers overcome their problems.

Remember: Your purpose shouldn’t be to tell your life story, but to use your stories to help your readers.


Write more authoritative blog posts

8.  Consider what’s being discussed in your industry and share an authoritative opinion.

9.  Publish an ultimate list of resources.

  • Share the best resources you know that can help your readers succeed.

10.  Explode a myth.

  • Do your readers have a certain idea that you think is completely wrong?
  • Argue a strong case in your next blog post.

11.  Find a quote to inspire your next blog post.


Re-visit old topics with new metaphors

  • Metaphors or analogies can breathe new life into regurgitated topics.
  • To exercise your metaphoric muscles, start with your end goal: how will your readers benefit from reading your post?
  • Then think about a new way to explain it.

12.  Use your personal experiences as a metaphor to enlighten your readers.

13.  Use your favorite sports to explain what’s happening in your industry.

  • Sports give you lots of opportunities for analogies – there are rules, successes, and failures.




The truth about generating blog post ideas is simply this:


Remain curious.


Listen to your readers and you hear them hinting at new blog post topics.


Continue to learn and explore, and you’ll find more ideas and more tips to share.


Dig deeper, and you’ll write more insightful posts.


Curiosity sparks your creativity and fuels your writing.




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