How To Get LinkedIn To Work For You

Finding your audience – and figuring out what they need on LinkedIn









Every big-name social platform has features that make it attractive.





There are even smaller social platforms where you can engage with specific communities of people.





LinkedIn has both.





Here are some of the basic ways people use LinkedIn effectively  by Laura Ryding-Becker , the mind behind,




Connecting with the occasional individual is one thing, but LinkedIn Groups is where your return on investment (ROI) is, without a doubt, the highest. 





By joining the right groups, you can find prospective customers, identify their needs, and help them out – all at the same time. 







Here are 5 steps to help you figure out LinkedIn groups and how to effectively utilize them to target your prospective customer






Step #1: Join Groups Your Target Audience Would Join

  • Ask yourself:
  • What issues keep my prospective customers up at night?
  • What are the big topics and movements within my industry today?
  • What product do I have (or what service do I provide) that can provide relief for the stress and pain my prospective customers have?
  • These questions can help steer you towards the right groups on LinkedIn.



Step #2: Click on a Discussion and Participate!

  • Here’s where the value of LinkedIn groups comes in: If you can answer a question directly, provide links to helpful information, or have the opportunity to share your experience as a professional, do it!
  • Engage with your fellow group members!
  • You have the ability to identify your prospective customers’ needs (simply by reading the original post and comments) and help them out – all in one fell swoop!
  • This is where you can really shine; this is where you start to build your reputation.
  • The important thing to remember is to GIVE to that community.
  • Do not ask for their business or you will likely come across as a sleazy salesman.
  • Instead, be helpful, engaging, and interesting.



Step #3: Ask Individuals to Connect With You

  • Once you have started to make an appearance in discussions and are building up your reputation, start inviting the individuals in your groups to Connect with you, and then continue the conversation.
  • This is where most people fall short; they simply become “Connection Collectors” and never think twice about their LinkedIn contacts.
  • But really, what good are “500+ Connections” if you don’t know a thing about any of them?
  • In truth, it’s about quality rather than quantity.
  • From now on, try this: The default invitation to connect says, “Please add me to your LinkedIn contacts,” and so that’s what most everyone uses.
  • But if you were to put your own twist on that simply by saying hi and using the person’s name, imagine what an impression that would make!
  • “Hi Laura, we’re in the ABC Group together and I was hoping we could connect. Enjoy the rest of your day!”
  • You would totally stand out!
  • And after they accept your invitation, the most important thing you can do – the whole point – is to keep the conversation going.
  • “Talk shop” with them, build a bond.
  • Ask them questions about their work experiences, problems, and frustrations.
  • Keep on giving.
  • They will see that you have their best interests at heart and they will begin to see how you can help them.


Step #4: It’s Not Just About A Single Person

  • Here’s an added bonus to remember:
  • All of the group members can see the comments made during a discussion, so you have the chance to impress not only the person you’re addressing, but everyone involved!
  • It’s like having a built-in audience!



Step #5: Send a Link to Your Landing Page – When the Time Is Right

  • When you feel the time is right, and after you have deemed your contact to be a qualified lead, send them a link to your landing page.
  • If they opt in, you have an additional prospect who is engaged and very interested not just in your product or service, but in you.
  • And if they don’t opt in?
  • Then at least you have made a good impression on someone – and there’s a good chance they will spread the word.






 Your fellow group members (read: potential customers) have shown you what their issues, questions, and problems are by posting them for discussion. 

  • Participating in these discussions – answering questions, sharing links, spreading industry knowledge – allows you to meet their needs and impress them.
  • Once they see that you can give them what they need, they will be more likely to keep in contact with you and more likely to click on that link to your landing page……
  • And once you get them onto your website, it’s only a matter of time before they become customers – satisfied customers who will probably be happy to provide you with a glowing testimonial after all of their positive interaction with you.
  • One way to leverage the information you have gathered from the LinkedIn group discussions is to use it to direct your product or service offerings. 





 If you spend enough time participating in the groups, you will know all you need to know about your target audience, which will help you develop the products and services your customers need the most.




LinkedIn is underutilized as a place to find your audience, find out what their problems are, and then impress them with your depth of knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism. 




Then it’s up to you to simply ask those people to connect and nurture the relationship.




Go ahead, get involved.




LinkedIn groups are a lot more valuable than they seem. 








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington









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  1. Great advice Joan and I know what you mean when you say it is under utilized. I belong to quite a few groups but just don’t seem to have the time to get involved but will have to have a re-think now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would love to maximize my online presence on LinkedIn for the purposes of memoir writing. I used to think so narrowly, “like, I should join an American-Israeli interest group,” but the ones I could find were so terribly political and since I’m writing a memoir about the years serving in the Israel Defense Forces, I wanted the writing piece to be dominant. It’s a fine line … finding the “right” interest group. Doable but a bit challenging.
    Totally bookmarking this page!
    Dorit Sasson
    Giving a Voice to Your Story

  3. Linkedin is one of the most powerful sites for my business, and some months is the most powerful and beneficial. Using Linkedin has been great for me, and these tips are very relevant to me. I think many people should read this! Thanks Joan!

  4. Oh wow Joan! Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been contemplating getting a bit serious on LinkedIn and this post is coming at a perfect time! Clipped it & sharing as well!

  5. What a helpful post. My Linkedin account is just sitting there. I was encouraged to sign up years ago and I completed my profile and have several connections, but I’ve never really understood what to do with it. I’m not a member of any groups and have not really attempted to interact with anyone beyond sending connection requests. Now I have an action plan. Thank you 🙂

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