How To Get People Onto Your Email List

Here Is How To Get People Onto Your Email List












“Smart marketers—the ones who are usually killing it—consider email not just essential to their business efforts, but in fact the foundation of their marketing and sales systems”……says Bnon




With email, you can “train” your customers to expect offers while simultaneously teaching them about your value, day in and day out.




Why do most websites fail to do them properly?







Here are two very important things that need to happen for your prospects to actually add their email addresses to your email list…..






1.  People need to NOTICE the opt-in form

  • Getting people to notice your opt-in form
  • If you want someone to opt in to your list, your form has to be clearly visible.
  • So if getting people to opt in is a major goal on a page, treat it as such:
  • Remove anything else that will distract from it.
  • There is no magic location for an opt-in form, but here are a couple of good spots:
  • Directly underneath great content
  • On the right-hand side of the page, near the top.
  • This is where people usually expect it, and it gets seen easily without disrupting your main content.


Wherever you put your opt-in form, make it stand out as much as possible



2.  People need to WANT to opt in.

  • With so much great information available on the web, people are just totally overloaded and they have no desire whatsoever to add to their email woes
  • Unless you give people a seriously good offer, they just aren’t going to even be tempted to sign up.
  • You need to make a Godfather offer— an offer your prospects just can’t refuse.

What does such an offer look like?

Here are a few good guidelines from Bnon:

  • As with making any offer, knowing your ideal customer is everything.
  • You need to know what it is they want; what keeps them up at night;
  • What they’ll be willing to sacrifice their anonymity on your site to obtain.

The very best kind of offer will give prospects enough useful information to make them want more.

  • One particularly useful principle that will help you come up with a good offer is clarity.
  • I would focus on trying to be extremely clear about what you are offering, and what its main benefits are to your prospect.
  • That means stating your offer with precision,being very specific, and keeping your language as simple as possible.
  • Another useful principle is contrast.
  • That means that you offer something new, something intriguing, something perhaps even surprising



7 Tips For Creating High-Converting Opt-In Forms

1.  Do use all the principles of good copywriting in your opt-in box or on your squeeze page: have a decent headline, use tantalizing bullets

2.  Do spend time thinking about the wording of your call to action.

3.  It should start with a verb, and focus on what your prospect will get—not what he must do.

4.  Don’t use the word “submit”…..Seriously, who ever wants to submit to anyone?

5.  Do use handwriting, hand-drawn arrows and suchlike to catch the eye and add a personal touch to your form.

6.  Don’t ask for information just because you can…..Your prospect values his privacy

7.  Do have a privacy policy for people who are concerned about giving away their details to someone they don’t know…..Do write it in plain, short English.






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