How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Do You Need More Traffic To Your Blog?








You can have the prettiest blog in the world, with the most clever monetization strategy ever implemented…


But if nobody visits your blog, you are not going to make a single cent.


You know that your blog needs traffic to turn a profit.


Getting traffic is the single thing most marketers struggle with the most..


All the clever traffic plugins and that new sexy Facebook traffic strategy means absolutely jack to you… until you have a solid foundation in place to utilize them.






Today I am going to share with you the solid foundation for blogging success and massive amounts of profitable traffic from Viral Traffic Secrets.….







Here are the 4 main ways to get traffic to your blog…


1.  Social Media:

  • Getting people to bookmark, share and like your content on social media sites like for example Facebook (or doing it yourself)… and hoping that the shared content will go viral.

2.  Email marketing: 

  • This is one of  the most effective traffic sources.
  • When you have built of an email list you can drive traffic to anything, anywhere on demand, just by mailing your list.

3.  Paid Traffic:

  • Buying ads on other sites, using Google Adwords, Email marketing: Facebook ads etc

4.  SEO (search engine optimization):

  • Ranking in Google and other search engines in order to get free organic traffic
  •  For bloggers, SEO is often the main traffic strategy
  • Google loves blogs, and WordPress blogs specifically, so blogging is one of the easiest way to rank content high in Google and other search engines.
  • You will find that search engine traffic is some of your most targeted and best converting traffic , so it’s definitely worth going after.




In today’s market, the most important factors are how people interact with your content; how much time do they spend on your site, do they share your content, and how often do people pick your site when they see it in the search results.







What Is The Best Way To Start Driving Traffic To A New Blog (Or Any Blog For That Matter)?








You Need A Seed ..…and that seed is…..Social Media and Social Sharing

Driving traffic with social sharing is free and super easy… are a few reasons why:

  • Social media traffic is an easy way to instantly get traffic flowing to seed and test the other traffic methods
  • Social media is the most likely source for viral traffic and for getting other people to spread the word about your blog for you
  • 85% of all buying decisions online are influenced by social media and recommendations by friends.
  • Google and other search engines gives a lot of weight to social media, the more shares and likes you have the better you will rank.




If you want to build social traffic to your blogs & especially if you want that social traffic to go viral, you need to know these 3 social sharing keys…..




3 Social Sharing Keys



Key #1:  Know What Kind Of Content People Are Most Likely To Share

  • Photos Are The MOST Viral Post Types To Be Shared, Forwarded and Liked on Facebook


Key #2:   Know How People Like To Share Content & Images…

  • You need to make it easy for people to find the share and like buttons on your blog.
  • If people need to hunt for these, they are already lost to you.
  • You need to make sure that there is an image to be shared in each post and that this is clear to people when they click on the share button.
  • The more familiar the sharing process is to your visitors, the more likely they are to share and like your content.


Key #3:   Know Where People Like To Share Content & Images…

  • You should not rely on Facebook only – there are many other social networks that you should be using (and giving your visitors the option to use).
  • Pinterest for one, is essentially a pin board for sharing images, it’s definitely a network you want to feature prominently on any blog that uses an image based social media strategy.
  • Tumblr is a social network – just as much as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. is… is mostly untapped in terms of internet marketing






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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