How To Give Your Facebook Status Updates More Spice

Spice Up Your Facebook Status Updates With These Irresistible Status Updates








If you’re finding that your fans aren’t always as engaged as you’d like them to be, it might be time to hone your crafting strategy with these 10 tips from ShortStack






Remember: The most engaging Facebook status updates amuse, unite, inspire, amaze and “give” (as in deals, offers and discounts).







These kinds of updates are also the most likely to be shared by your fans




Are you ready to give your Facebook status updates some new energy?




1.  A Post that Publicizes Your Sale & Rewards Fans First

  • When crafting sale-related posts, think about why people have become fans of your business.
  • A simple status update that highlights a sale can reach a large number of your business’s existing fans.


2.  A Post that Promotes Your Products

  • Utilize this idea for your own businesses and use social media to focus attention on new and/or soon-to-be-released products.


3.  A Post that Drives Engagement and Crowd sources for Valuable Information

  • Don’t underestimate the power of visuals.
  • A good image can effectively share a message and get people to react quickly


4.  A Post that Gets Real Leads

  • Have a crystal clear call to action and share a link to your webpage


5.  A Post that Drives Foot or Viral Traffic to Your Business

  • Good storytelling skills are essential for social media success.
  • On Facebook, try using status updates to tell a story that will motivate people to visit your business.


6.  A Post that Promotes Your Special Event

  • You can use a Facebook status update to promote any special event.


7.  A Post that Incentivizes Newsletter Signups

  • Businesses that want to drive sales through email marketing efforts can use incentivized Facebook status updates to encourage users to sign up for their business newsletter.


8.  A Limited-Time-Only Promotion that Encourages Sharing

  • To encourage lots of sharing on status updates, make your business’s post announcements time sensitive.
  • Test posting a limited-time-only promotion on your brand’s Timeline.
  • Be strategic with which day you decide to host the deal


9.  A Timeline Promotion

  • Facebook now allows brands to host promotions right on their Pages, using status updates.
  • There are many types of Timeline promotions businesses can run: “Comment to win,” “Like to win,” “Comment and Like to win,” etc.
  • This kind of promotion is a great way to get insight from your Facebook fans.


10.  A Post that Promotes Your Facebook App

  • One of the best ways to promote your Facebook app is to use a status update
  • If you have an app on your Facebook page that hosts a special promo code or is being used as a way to boost Page Likes, use a post to drive app visitors




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