How To Grow A Online Audience

Here Is Your Blueprint For Growing An Online Audience






Start at the beginning, then work your way up one step at a time.




There are four distinct stages involved in growing an online audience, that every blog and website has to go through from Firepole Marketing’s Danny Iny “Engagement From Scratch”








The 4 distinct stages in growing an online audience are…….



Stage 1: Truly Awesome Content

  • Know who your audience is, and create something extraordinary for them.

Stage 2: Build Your Community

  • Connect with other people who can help you along the way – not just the big players that you look up to, but also your peers, who are trying to do the same thing that you are.

Stage 3: Be Everywhere

  • Do the work to become ubiquitous in the eyes of your audience

Stage 4: Get Viral

  • Harness the virality formula  with these 3 essential elements….


  • Write things that make people think.

  • Inspire people.

  • Change lives.

  • Create value.

  • Blow people away with your usefulness.

  • Create content that you would expect people to pay for, then give it away for free.


  • You need to have a certain amount of attention for there to be a critical mass that can send your content sailing over the tipping point.


  • For something to go viral, it isn’t enough for people to like and read it, they must also share it – sharing is action.







A loyal and strong audience is much more than just a bunch of readers – it is a living and breathing entity that ties real people together…….In other words, it’s a community“……….says Dr. Alexander Osterwalder

  • Growing an audience takes time, and can be approached from many different angles.
  • Focusing allows you to have an audience who knows what to expect when they come to you.
  • It’s a promise you’re able to keep consistently, and it enhances your credibility.
  • Be prepared to be flexible – meeting your audience’s needs is as important as their meeting yours.




If you want to build an online audience, you’ve got to teach people something valuable. Or entertain people. Preferably both“……says Brian Clark, Copyblogger


  • A good copywriter understands what makes people tick.
  • The principle of writing with the problems and desires of others in mind is the foundation of any successful business.
  • When you have an audience, you never have to rely on anyone else for your marketing for you, AND people will seek you out with amazing opportunities.
  • Certain fundamental principles are going to apply in all online activities, so you’d better get them right.
  • When you create a piece of content that follows that philosophy, people are going to value it, and share it.
  • That’s how marketing within the context of social media works.
  • For a content marketer, social media is about developing an audience relationship with people who find value in your content, and making it available to them to use and share.
  • It can be commenting on blogs, voting at a social new site, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and so on.
  • Providing free content is what it takes to reach people, but you can’t shy away when it’s time to start charging money.
  • It’s not true that no one will pay for something if they’re used to getting information for free, as long as what you’re selling is closely related and of high quality.
  • You’re providing free value by telling a story that leads to a solution that happens to cost money.
  • That’s just good business.




Focus on providing value first, and people will spread the word for you, and also become your customers and clients.




You need to be grabbing people’s attention on social networks and moving them closer to you until they trust you with an email address.



Email remains the top online conversion channel, because you’ve earned their attention.




Continue to provide valuable free content.



Once people give you their trust and receive enough value from you, they’ll be ready to say “Okay, I’ll do business with you.”





If you want to succeed, be the person who builds an audience.






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  1. No-nonsense, in-your-face information on what it takes to separate yourself from the internet masses. Because the barriers to entry are so close to $0 for a start-up, there’s incredible ‘static’ and we have to pull away from it. Great stuff!

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