Have You Been Told These 4 Crazy LIES By Your Upline Lately?

Does Your Upline Tell You These 4 CRAZY LIES ?








What Crazy Lies Have Your Upline Told You Lately?





As if building a business isn’t difficult enough,  getting fed useless information makes it worse,  wouldn’t you agree?




Lies hold us back, and prevent us from seeing the results we really want to see!






Have you ever been told these 4 lies by your upline?

  • 1. Simply harass every stranger you encounter and hopefully you’ll find your “diamonds”
  • 2. Go invite uncle Jack, aunt Sue, and grampa Greg to our meetings
  • 3. Buy LEADS! (Nevermind the fact how OLD, or how broke, depressed, and EXPENSIVE those leads are)
  • 4. If none of it works, keep doing it…at least for a YEAR!





Do you really see any GROWTH for your business when you constantly have to deal with highly UN-qualified leads?





Enough with the MADNESS!










I know, you can have a lead from MANY different sources, but the QUALITY of that lead matters TREMENDOUSLY!





In the video, my buddy Jonathan shares his super SIMPLE,  yet POWERFUL formula behind how he’s literally recruited hundreds of people into his organizations…..by simply swiping the “low hanging” EASY fruit, while others effort endlessly for less targeted leads.

  • He shows you where to really “cast your net” to get the “MONEY FISH”   swimming in front of your face, that you probably don’t even know about.
  • Watch as he shares CASE STUDIES  on how he’s literally dominated the web for his specific companies, and how you can COPY  him exactly!





I’m super thankful for getting this insider information to you!





I really feel a new and refreshed EXCITEMENT for my own business knowing that information like this is out there.



…And knowing that there are people like you and me, who are generous and willing to SHARE knowledge, a WEALTH of information, and experience to help others avoid the cracks in the road.




If you’re sick of dealing with broke, tire-kicking, useless leads, then you might want to pay CLOSE attention to what Jonathan has to share with you because you’ll LEARN exactly where your TRUE golden nuggets are hanging out.





You’ll be AMAZED at how simple this tactic is!








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Sharing Is Caring!




To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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