Get More Traffic To Your Blog With This Quick Headline Fix

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog With This Quick Headline Fix








What’s so special about headlines?



Let’s look at what can happen to a brilliant post that has a so-so headline.

  • The post is well-researched.
  • Clear and well-written, with user-friendly formatting.
  • Conveys useful information that gives the reader something she really wants.
  • Is interesting and funny.
  • And it dies……No comments, pitiful traffic, anemic shares.






“Because as magnificent as it was … it didn’t stand out in the sea of content…..and it never caught anyone’s attention, it couldn’t wow anyone with how terrific it was”…..says Sonia Simone, CMO and co-founder of Copyblogger Media





The good news…..there is actually an easy fix…..






Here is Copyblogger’s one best tip that will give you the biggest results in the shortest period of time, it’s this:



Make sure there’s a specific, well-defined benefit in your headline.



If you never get readers to look at what you have to offer, the entire battle is lost.



All of your hard work, all of the great content you create, will languish.



How do you get past that “infomercial” factor?



You get past it by creating content that’s out of this world amazing.



Because you know and I know that a lot of the “canned” content around the web and in popular magazines is … well … crap.



If there is a “Copyblogger formula” for great content, it’s this:


Killer headline + Incredibly useful information that benefits readers + Lively, interesting writing = Genuinely great content




You won’t believe how much difference a strong headline makes until you try it for yourself.




So get some great headlines going with this FREE ebook….“How To Write Magnetic Headlines” from Copyblogger, (Download it here), and enjoy your traffic, shares, and links.






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