Here Are The Do’s And Don’t Of Social Media

What You Need To Know To Benefit Successfully From Social Media






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Social Media…..Do’s And Don’ts






If you want to create curiosity in your business or product, then you want to write effective social media posts.


You also want social media to get your company name out in front of people and keep it out there.


“There are some general rules of thumb when it comes to being effective with social media marketing”……says Tim Sales, Brilliant Compensation



The most important thing to remember NOT to do is this…………







  • You may think that putting your links on your social media sites several times per day would be effective.
  • In essence, this is spamming your social media with your links over and over.
  • DO NOT post your business links on your friends’ walls without their permission.




You DO want to do these…..



Give Value

  • Instead of posting business links, give your followers useful information.
  • Writing a blog is a great way to do this.


Encourage Others

  • Offer encouraging words to others, or post an inspiring quote on your social media site.
  • Doing this helps build relationships with your followers.


Be A Problem Solver

  • When you are reading through what others post, you may see that someone is struggling.
  • You may have a solution – post that solution for them.
  • If the solution is in the form of one of your products or opportunity, post that for them.


Congratulate the Success of Others

  • If you read about a fellow mlmer having success, congratulate them.
  • People love to get praise and congratulations.




Here are some Common Sense Tips for Social Media

1.  Sign up for social media sites where there are others who share your interests (personal andor business), but do not allow posting of business links.

This is a great way to build relationships.


2.  Find social media groups that do allow posts of business links……this is where posting a link to your blog would give you more credibility and show respect to others.


3.  Before you post, ask the following questions:

– Is this something I would want to read?
– If I read this post, would it turn me off to the M.L.M. opportunity?
– Is there value or helpful information in this post?
– Does this sound “spammy” or is it too “pitchy”?

If you can answer the first 3 with “yes” and the last with “no” then it’s safe to post. 


4.  Be interesting so your followers will want to know more about you.




If you remember the main purpose of social media marketing, and you follow the general do’s and don’ts, with time, your social media will be a tool for success.


It will also produce leads for your m.l.m. opportunity.




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Tried and true tips Joan!

    Share value. Become valuable. This simple idea makes you a social superstar fast.

    Also take the time to encourage your buddies. We all like being celebrated, so why not give your friends a boost, right?

    You will become uber popular now, and in the long run, if you can simply give value, encourage and of course aggressively promote people from within your niche.

    Thanks for sharing Joan!

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