Here Is A Simple 5 Day Business Growth Schedule You Can Follow

An Easy To Follow 5-Day Business Growth Schedule











If You’re Lacking Time Then Pay Close Attention, Because This 5-Day Simple Business Growth Schedule Will Give You The Edge





Working for yourself and especially from home isn’t always easy.



It takes a lot of discipline, patience, persistence and a big drive to succeed.







Today, I want to share a simple 5-day business schedule you can follow to help you grow your online business one day at a time from Aurelius Tjin, Unstoppable Profits.






Time management should be simple…….It shouldn’t be difficult.



With time management, there really is no magic pill or secret.



What can drastically help you though is to have a schedule you can follow.



A day-to-day schedule which you can look over and simply go through each task one at a time.



I don’t know about you, but I get so much more done by sticking to a schedule, and one that’s realistic to follow.







Here is a breakdown of this schedule:



The schedule is organized into days – from Monday to Friday.

  • For each day, there’s a specific focus.
  • Each focus is targeted to helping you build your business.
  • Next, under each day, you’ll find a list of different tasks you can do.


Note: Don’t attempt to do ALL of the tasks in one day. That’s not what it’s about. Simply select THREE tasks. That’s it.

The reason why is because you don’t want to fry your brain and crash and burn.




Monday: Content & Product Creation

It’s Monday, a fresh start to the week.

  • Content is king.
  • Start the week off by cranking out that content.

  • Write a new blog post
  • Record a video or two and upload to YouTube.
  • Record a new podcast.
  • Write a newsletter and add it to your autoresponder sequence
  • Write at least a chapter or two for your new report or ebook
  • Write an article or two and submit to top article directories



Tuesday: Traffic Generation

It’s time to get more visitors and leads.


  • Establish and build relationships.
  • Build your credibility and authority.
  • Find a potential list owner and do an ad swap.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Integration marketing. Find other sites related to your niche
  • Look for more ways of generating traffic. Go to other blogs, watch videos and check out what traffic generation tips they are sharing. Model what and how others are generating traffic.



Wednesday: Optimize And Improve

Today’s all about optimizing, improving, tweaking and fine-tuning.

Which ever word resonates better for you.


  • Optimize your sales  copy. Are you testing your headline? Offer? Benefits?
  • Optimize your landing page. Test your headline, graphical elements, call-to-action, opt-in form, etc.
  • Optimize your pay-per-click ads.
  • Optimize your blog posts for search engines. You can use plug-ins such as All In One SEO Pack to insert custom meta titles, descriptions and keywords for each blog post.
  • Optimize your processes and systems.
  • Improve your autoresponder messages.
  • Improve your blog design and layout. There’s always something that could be improved in your site, especially a blog. Make it more user-friendly, de-clutter what is uneccessary, add new elements to your page to make certain things more visible and so on.




Thursday: Administrative

Everyone has some admin tasks to do.

This is the day to do it.


  • Reply to blog comments.
  • Manage your email. De-clutter, set filters and respond to emails you haven’t responded to.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Review sales. Which products sold the best so far, this week? Who were your top customers?
  • Backup and organize your files and websites.
  • Organize your autoresponder. Clean up your list, delete unused autoresponder campaigns, create automation rules and update signature files.



Friday: Do As You Please

Use this day to catch up on things and review the week.

  • Research and learn something new.
  • Look for tools or apps to make your business better.
  • Review the week. How did your sales go? How ’bout your customers? Any complaints? Refunds? Have you completed all tasks for the week? If not, use this day to get it done.
  • Plan the next week. If you can list down what you’re going to do next week, all you need to do then is follow it.





It doesn’t get any simpler than that.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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  1. THIS is exactly what I needed…
    Somone Else who took the time to set a schedule for me!
    And I Now realize I can spend One whole Day on Social
    Puttin out little brush-fires everyday.

    Doubly Thanks Thanks!
    Joan Joan.

  2. Hi Joan,

    Thank you for sharing your insights on doing networking and marketing online.

    I agree with you and Ryan that time management is very important. We all have only 24 hours a day. How are we going to ‘create’ more time? I find having a schedule as suggested by you helps! Although some of the tasks may need to be performed daily. For instance, talking to prospects is one of the core activities that needed to be done in the real world. “Keeping the main thing the main thing” as taught by my mentor, Mark Januszewski, is a timeless piece of advice.

    Thanks, Joan!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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