Here’s The Bottom Line About Engagement And Relationship Building

Engagement And Relationship Building: What You Need To Know







If you are a network marketing professional, then pay close attention, because these tips from Firepole marketing,  will give you the edge over your competition




What is engagement exactly?

  • Engagement is when the people that you’re talking to – your customers, your blog readers, your community, your professional groups, anyone – listen to what you say, and respond to it.
  • It’s all about give and take, back and forth: an exchange of ideas and information and value that leads to something much more significant than a transaction – it leads to a relationship.




You can’t open the doors to your blog and expect people to immediately be deeply engaged with you; building this kind of a relationship takes time, and there are a few basic phases in the process…..



1.  Attraction.

  • You have to get someone’s (the right someone’s!) attention.
  • If a person isn’t aware of your existence, the story kind of stops there.
  • You get attention by putting yourself out there, by advertising, or by guest posting, or making videos – whatever works for you in your business.



2.  You need to hold their attention.

  • A passing glance is a start, but what you really need is a lingering look of interest, and a willingness to find out more.
  • You get that from someone by demonstrating how well you understand them and their problems – ones that only you can solve.



3.  Engagement.

Once you have someone’s interest and attention, you’re in a position to start laying the foundation for a relationship that will hopefully last for years, and bring value to both of you.





 There are so many elements that go into engagement and relationship building……….



Informative About Pages

  • Use your About Page as a powerful marketing tool.
  • About Pages come in lots of shapes and sizes, but the best give you a real sense of who someone is and what they’re trying to do – they have personality.
  • A video introduction gives people an immediate and thorough sense of who you are – they can put a face to the “voice” they’ll come to know and appreciate.
  • Pictures – of you and relevant images from your life serve a similar function – they provide context for you beyond “service provider.”
  • Testimonials let a new visitor know that other people appreciate what you do – it warms them up to the idea of doing the same.
  • Consider your About Page a sort of virtual handshake – you want it to be a good one that leaves a lasting favorable impression.



Networking Through Reviews and Referrals

  • When you’ve created something that matters to you – whether it’s a book or a business or an amazing blog post there is no feeling like someone honestly appreciating it.
  • There’s something special about an un-sought positive review or referral: it’s not only a helping hand to your business, but a validation that what you’re doing matters to someone.
  • The more reviews you get, the more people will be willing to take a chance on you
  • Even neutral and negative reviews are important:  they give you a chance to “see through your customer’s eyes,” which can be invaluable as you hone and optimize your products and services.
  • It’s wonderful to receive a good review or referral, especially at the beginning of a business journey – so make someone’s day and review their book, send them a customer
  • It takes a few minutes of your time, and could really brighten another business owner’s day.



Get Ready To Stoke A Fire – Become A Master of Forum Engagement

  • It isn’t easy to ram down the gates of a stranger’s conditioned mental-stronghold and offer them digestible, candid advice they will accept and embrace.
  • Carving out a common ground is the first step in learning how to use forums.
  • They are ready to cross the bridge, just get to know them and provide the necessary nudge & lifeline, defined in these FOUR action steps:



Step #1: The Bridge Over Troubled Waters: A Concrete Relation Point

  • This is the time to get personal, share something about yourself, relate with a story and find common threads.
  • Attributes that people share in a common passion are the bricks of the bridge.
  • Applying those passions together via brainstorming, collaboration, and consistent communication is the hardening mortar of a concrete foundation.



Step #2: Give A ‘How-To’ To Their First Emotional ‘I Want’

  • Now it is time to be the answer, Not the endorsement.
  • This is when you stay focused on that top problem the person is describing in a thread at any given moment and dive into delivering the answer.
  • Deliver your first reply quickly, while they are most emotionally vulnerable
  • They will be so shocked and appreciative by the extra leap you took to help them, beyond simply replying to their thread.



Step #3: Answer Why It Is You Do What You Do

  • They are seeking out why it is you do what you do.
  • They will be visiting your website, following your tweets, subscribing to your channel and liking your FB page.
  • The message they receive on every channel you run must be consistent, clear and concise.
  • Be sure that your why resonates with them in every breath they take and every move they make under your wing via your writing, teaching and outreaches.
  • When somebody is clear on your Why and it never changes, they will let you into their stronghold completely, with a learning cap on and a pencil sharpened.
  • Now, as they are prepared to take some notes, you start to formulate an offer of help that won’t cost them anything.



Step #4: Deliver An S.O.S. – A Simple Obtainable Singular Message In A Bottle

  • You are not alone on an Entrepreneur island.” – Believe me, when they see the bottles washing ashore containing your notes, they are more hungry then they have ever been at that moment.
  • Simply starving for an easy step by step plan, they can digest, from somebody with more experience than them.
  • They know from that moment, they will never be alone, because a like-minded entrepreneur responded to them positively every time, with action-oriented, simple & achievable advice.





You can change lives in a few motivational, momentous moments




If you only take one piece of advice, let it be this: Replying promptly and impulsively is the chicken soup for the advice-seeker’s soul. 




You will have their attention and their curiosity if you stick to that approach.






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