Here’s How To Be More Intoxicating In Your Marketing

Discover The Edge To More Intoxicating Marketing












Who Else Wants To Learn How To Be More Intoxicating With Your Marketing That You Can Implement Today?






How can you create more intoxicating content to market your business online?



Content that delights, entertains, or supports your target customers.



Content that gets found when your customers search for information on Google.



Content that gets shared, liked, tweeted, and plussed.








Just follow these 10 steps to developing your brand personality and become more intoxicating by author,  Henneke.







1.  Define your mission.

  • Not a boring mission statement, but a real commitment to why you’re in business.
  • What are you passionate about?



2.  Be different.

  • You have to stand out to attract passionate customers.



3.  Be human.

  • People don’t connect with companies.
  • People engage with other people.



4.  Develop a unique tone of voice.

  • How chatty do you want to be?



5.  Share stories.

  • Stories fascinate.
  • Stories engage.
  • Stories are far more memorable.



6.  Use familiar language.

  • Cut gobbledygook like best-in-class, world-leading, and cutting-edge.
  • If a word doesn’t have a real meaning, just skip it.
  • Don’t sound like a company.
  • Sound like a human.



7.  Be passionate.

  • Because your passion is contagious.



8.  Stop bragging.

  • Let your customers decide how great your service or your product is.



9.  Don’t use drab stock photography.

  • Because it makes you look like everyone else.



10.  Exceed expectations.

  • Do you know a better way to gain enthusiastic customers who spread the word about you?








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    1. Yes, Ryan Passion is the key 🙂 I have found that to be so true, and like magic 🙂 Thank you for your valuable insights my friend! I have noted the increase in social shares and engagement big time and it just makes me feel that what I put out is good and it adds value to people….which is why I do what I do on a daily basis…..

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