Here’s How To Do Content Marketing Successfully

How To Do Content Marketing Better Than Your Competition












Do You Want To Be Better Than Your Competition In Your Content Marketing?






Listen Up…….

……..You can stand above your competition with these tips to better content marketing.





There is much to gain from a strong content marketing program…

  • Better presence in search results
  • Inbound lead opportunities
  • Thought leadership
  • Social media community engagement and more.





Marketers have adapted quickly to meet their customers’ information needs……





Content marketing offers an amazing opportunity and there are many choices to make and pitfalls to consider.











By using these 8 tips from, you can build a content marketing plan that will support your overarching business strategy, and delight your customers…..and stand out ABOVE your competition…..




1.  Use Content to Serve

  • Your content should serve customers with valuable information.
  • Before creating any content, ask yourself: what do your customers want?
  • Content that serves and adds value works better than one-off ideas that strike you as cool or that everyone else is doing.




2.  Use Research to Differentiate

  • Before starting any initiative, always examine the competitive marketplace.
  • Look for a bigger-picture story, a new wrinkle about a current hot topic, or a breaking trend that’s changing the sector.
  • If you want to lead your market, get over thinking, “Me too”.
  • Look at your own offerings and knowledge areas and decide what is unique.




3.  Build an Experience

  • Customer experience represents the heart of any brand.
  • After the purchase, communications continue that experience.
  • Content is not the strategy; rather, it is the means of extending the larger customer experience.
  • In an experience-based marketing approach, the customer is the center of the strategy.




4.  Integrate Content, Search & Social

  • Social is how people hear about you.
  • Search is how they find you.
  • Content is how they qualify you
  • In the end, it’s all about helping people find your information.
  • They are looking for answers.



5.  Build an Editorial Calendar

  • After you determine what you will serve your customers with, build an editorial mission and calendar to stay on course.
  • Follow it closely and use analytics to validate or tweak it.
  • When trying to develop influence and loyalty through content delivered on social channels, email and a website, consistency is key.
  • People trust people who deliver reliable, consistent acts and are even lulled into trusting them without thinking about it.
  • When you stay on topic with an editorial mission and deliver regularly and consistently, people come to trust your brand as an information resource.



6.  Quality Content First

  • When building content, put quality before quantity.
  • Honestly assess your resources and determine how much quality content you can produce on a regular basis



7.  Weave Content Together

  • Editorial calendars can do more than simply drive traffic.
  • Use pieces to provide a series and hook people
  • Brands should unfold a story with more than words.
  • In essence, we have to master content creation in a variety of media.
  • Try to see your content from the customer’s viewpoint.
  • Build an experience that allows them to access your information however they like.



8.  Measure Success

  • When you design content, it’s often to achieve interaction for your brand – to move from brand awareness to the early stages of lead development.
  • One critical component of building a nurturing path towards ROI is creating smart calls to action on your website.
  • They require readers to identify themselves with a name and an email address.
  • The call to take more action builds a path of permission-based nurturing for leads.
  • Whatever you measure, make sure that your content serves your overall business and marketing objectives.












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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Hey Joan,

    These are great tips you shred from I really like tips number 4. I really sums up on what you need to do to do content marketing successfully. These are the steps I follow to do content marketing. Thanks for sharing!
    sherman smith recently posted…5 Ways To Sell YourselfMy Profile

  2. Content marketing is art form. Of course business is about making money, but it’s just about selling.

    I really like point#2. The easiest way to be unique and original is to just be yourself. Let your own unique personality, insights and experiences guide your writing.

    Thanks for sharing Joan 🙂
    Micah recently posted…7 Weird Ways To Do Less Work and Get More DoneMy Profile

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