Here’s How To Increase Your Facebook Fans And Twitter Followers

Here’s The Bottom Line On How To Increase Your Facebook and Twitter Followers













Check Out These 10 Tips To Increase Your Facebook and Twitter Followers






You’ve just launched your Twitter and Facebook page.



You’re excited to engage with thousands of fans and followers and possibly get a customer or two.



Fast forward a few months and you realize no one notices or cares that you’re on social media.



What do you do?



The good news is you can convert an unengaged follower (or fan) into an engaged follower (or fan) by updating valuable information.







Here are a 10 tips from KISSMetrics as to what you need to do to increase your Facebook and Twitter followers…..








1.  Your Twitter Bio

  • Your Twitter bio can be used to explain what your business is and what you’ll be tweeting about.
  • Your Twitter bio should say:
  • A) What you do
  • B) What you tweet about



2.  Guest Blog

  • When guest blogging, it’s important to find a blog that is relevant to your industry.
  • You want to get relevant followers who would be interested in your products or services, so it’s important to write in your area of expertise.
  • People will follow you the more you expose your Twitter and Facebook pages, and guest blogging is a great way to get that kind of exposure.



3.  Have A Blog

  • Your blog can be a great way to generate traffic to your website and increase fans and followers.
  • Having a well-maintained blog can be time-consuming, but the payoff can be significant.
  • Only start one if you know it can be given the proper time and attention.



4.  Add Facebook And Twitter Widgets To Your Site

  • This allows users to Like a page without ever having to access Facebook and search for you.



5.  Follow And Follow Back

  • Following back adds a personal touch, no matter how popular you are on Twitter.
  • It shows that you noticed someone followed you and took the time to follow them back.


6.  Engagement

  • Twitter and Facebook should be looked at as a place to engage and communicate with people, not as a place to give non-stop promotion to your brand.
  • When someone tweets or posts something to your account, whether it’s good, bad, or neutral, you need to respond.


7.  Facebook And Twitter Only Promotions

  • Not everyone will be quick to ‘Like’ or Follow your page.
  • Some may need an incentive.
  • If the end goal of increasing Facebook fans and Twitter followers is to get more orders, then people Liking and Unliking your page should be just fine with you – as long as they’re ordering.



8.  Facebook Ads

  • When you advertise on Facebook, you have the option for people to Like your page without ever having to actually go to your page.
  • This allows people to Like your page while they are already in the Facebook website.
  • It makes it painless.


9.  Getting Retweets And Shares

  • As far as posting valuable content, it’s important to make the content relevant.



10.  Reaching Influencers

  • Influencers are those with a large and loyal following.
  • They often are well respected and have a lot of connections in the industry.
  • Reaching influencers is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.
  • It takes time to cultivate the relationship.
  • It’s not optimal to go after the biggest influencer, as you won’t get much of a response from them.
  • It’s best to go after people who frequently retweet and have been viewed as an influencer and are open to connecting with small companies.






 increasefollowers2Increasing Facebook Fans and Twitter followers is not easy and not something that you pursue for only a couple of months……




…..It’s part of your long-term social media process….incorporate it wisely into your overall yearly marketing plan.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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  1. Joan,
    Great post on how to use Facebook and Twitter. It does take time and it’s true you can not just post without interacting and expect people to follow you. You must give before you take.


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