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Here’s A Proven Blueprint For Creating Content That’s Ten Times Better Than The Competition

A Proven Blueprint For Creating Content That’s Ten Times Better Than YOUR Competition



It’s the holy grail of the blogosphere — highly sought after but rarely achieved.


We’re talking about “EPIC” content.


Creating it, though, feels like an impossible mission for many bloggers.


“In reality, you don’t need epic skills to create truly remarkable content, just a reliable process. One you can follow time and time again to create posts that cut through the noise and rescue your readers from pain and frustration”……says Sonia Thompson  (a content marketing strategist )




Here’s the 10-step proven blueprint for creating content that’s ten times better than the competition.







Step 1 – Identify The Pain Points

  • The starting point for any epic post is your ideal reader.
  • Your post should target those painful or frustrating issues she is itching to solve.
  • To uncover your reader’s most acute pain points:
  • Read blog comments
  • Explore forums and Q & A sites
  • Check Amazon book reviews
  • Review emails from readers
  • Run subscriber surveys
  • Conduct interviews


Step 2 – Choose A Tempting Topic

  • Focus your efforts and narrow your scope by tackling just one aspect of one problem where you can offer immediate relief.
  • To narrow down your topic you can:
  • Focus on just one step of a larger process, just one case scenario and one specific outcome
  • Confirm reader interest in our topic by using the following:
  • Keyword research tools (Google Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer) – to check search volume (aim for at least 1K searches per month for relevant keywords)
  • Social research tools like Buzzsumo – to confirm that posts on similar topics are popular on social media (aim for a few hundred shares on across the major platforms like Facebook or Twitter)
  • Google search – to check that posts on similar topics already exist


Step 3 – Evaluate The Current Competiton 

  • Just remember that your post won’t be the first to cover this topic.
  • Research existing content that tackles the same problem, looking for weaknesses and opportunities.
  • To find popular posts on the same topic:
  • Type relevant keywords into Google search
  • Use Buzzsumo to search for posts that are popular on social media
  • Search competitor blogs for posts on the same topic


Step 4 – Determine Your Deliberate Difference

  • Differentiate your post by choosing an approach or angle that deliberately exploits the weaknesses of competing posts.
  • To differentiate your post from the competition, go “all out” on: 
  • Design-Use colors, images, and diagrams to create a visually stunning post
  • Data-Incorporate the real-world data that competitor’s posts lack
  • Drama-Use storytelling and emotion to take the reader on a wild ride
  • Depth“Zoom-in” to explore your topic in more detail than anyone else


Step 5 – Brainstorm Your Irresistible Headline

  • The primary job of your headline is to tempt your audience to click-thru and read your content
  • Use “power words” to amplify the emotional impact
  • Brainstorm at least 10 headlines for your post before making a final decision
  • Consider testing a selection of headlines with your audience via social media
  • Take the time to craft a headline that makes readers desperate to learn more
  • To craft a headline that gets clicked, use the 4 U’s method to convince readers your post is:
  • Useful
  • Urgent
  • Ultra-Specific
  • Unique 


Step 6 – Conduct Your Essential Research

  • Your epic post is only as valuable as the information it provides.
  • Bolster the knowledge and experience you already have by gathering supporting information through careful research.
  • To fortify your content:
  • Read your competitor’s most popular posts and note their best points.
  • Deepen your knowledge by reading popular books on your topic.
  • Interview experts to gather additional tips and advice
  • Find relevant quotes to illuminate your topic and inspire readers
  • Collect and analyze real-world data or provide case studies
  • Find or devise examples to explain difficult concepts


Step 7 – Plan Your Main Points 

  • The way you organize your content is as important as the content itself.
  • Create an outline to bring structure to your ideas and give you a handy blueprint for writing your epic post.
  • To structure your content effectively be sure to consider:
  • Promise-Does my content deliver on the “promise” of the headline?
  • Flow-Is the information presented in a natural and logical sequence?
  • Objections-Have I addressed questions or stumbling blocks my audience may have?
  • Completeness-Have I provided enough information for my readers to take action?


Step 8 – Craft Your Epic Content

  • Laying the groundwork for your post is important, but the execution is crucial.
  • Use an outline and a few guiding questions to create a draft that truly deserves the label “EPIC” 
  • To write your killer draft, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I have a strong, empathetic opening that taps into reader’s pain points?
  • Do I acknowledge my reader’s dreams , desires, fears, and frustrations throughout my post?
  • Have I engineered irresistible subheads to keep people reading instead of just scanning?
  • Have I incorporated the language my audience uses to help them connect with the content?
  • Have I used short paragraphs and rich formatting (bullet points) to improve readability?
  • Do I have a powerful closing that inspires my readers to take an immediate next step?


Step 9 – Polish Before You Publish

  • No epic post is ready to publish with just one draft.
  • To get your first draft into shape , use several review/edit iterations to catch any errors and improve its clarity and flow.
  • To make your draft shine:
  • Let your post rest for at least 24 hours before reviewing and editing
  • Read your post aloud to check the flow and catch any clumsy wording
  • Get rid of filter words and lazy phrases that rob your writing of its power
  • Replace jargon with descriptive words that paint a clear picture


Step 10 – Promote Your Published Post

  • Content so good it promotes itself is a myth.
  • Even truly epic content needs a push to get the ball rolling .
  • Use smart promotion to give your post the reach and attention it deserves.
  • To spread the word about your epic content:
  • Email your subscribers to build the excitement
  • Share your post on social media, using relevant hashtags
  • Notify the people you mentioned or featured within the post
  • Reach out to influencers and ask them to share it
  • Repurpose your post for other popular platforms like Medium and Slideshare



Despite what you may think, you don’t need to be an elite writer to create an epic post. You just need to follow the right process.



By understanding the above 10 step blueprint and making it your guide, you can now go out and create content that transforms your readers and catapults you toward your goals as a blogger.



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Joan Harrington



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57 thoughts on “Here’s A Proven Blueprint For Creating Content That’s Ten Times Better Than The Competition”

  1. Thanks for helping. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot to say in my head but it does not translate to a really awesome blog post. I neeed to spend time researching my competition and maybe reading other blog posts before I start writing to see what I can deliver my readers. Good Advice and thanks again.

  2. Lovely post, Joan. I love the ideas on sharing the post and will explore those resources you share. I don’t quite know if I would be able to write an epic post on purpose. The only post I had that was somewhat epic was something I wrote for elephant journal that got over 17,000 views. I didn’t want to write it, but I simply had to, if you know what I mean. I think if I tried to make it epic it would end up feeling forced. Oh well, I gotta be me.

  3. Joan, that was EPIC! Sorry I couldn’t resist. But truly, that’s all around great advice. I need to start using Slideshare. I’m glad you brought that up. I need someone to light a fire under my butt about getting on that.

  4. This was a really in-depth article and one I am thankful for. I used to struggle with content creation myself and I wish I would have come across this then. You can have the best graphics in the world but if your content is not right then you will not be successful whether it be to sell something or gain clients.

  5. What a wonderful blueprint, Joan! I do write epic posts, now and then. And funny enough–they generate a lot of traffic. All of your ideas will help me as I write more of them.

  6. Great tips as usual, Joan. Not sure if I’ve written any epic posts but I do know I need to get better at promoting the ones I’ve published. Thanks for your good advice.

  7. That’s quite a list, Joan. Very many amazing tips to implement. I tend to come up with a topic and just write. I let it flow from me and it’s more natural for me that way. But I’ll have to try some of your suggestions. Thanks.

  8. Great list of steps to take for creating ‘epic’ content, Joan! It’s so interesting to try to ‘figure out’ what might end up being epic and then being surprised when one we didn’t think would be epic, ends up being epic. 🙂 Often I get the title first and go from there. Thanks for the solid information and these are things I will definitely keep in mind as I continue to create content to share!

  9. One never knows which post will go epic, Joan. Some of the ones that I’ve written in the past have become evergreen and those are the ones I refer to in an attempt to figure out what went right. 🙂 Love the tips from Sonia. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Well written out points and topic creation tools. I usually just listen or as I cross issues from other folks’ sites, it spurs ideas on what to blog on. So for me… providing content folks need and I do it simply and hopefully with humor.

  11. Hey Joan,

    Creating a steady stream of fresh information on a variety of topics opens several avenues to drive traffic to a website through search, social media, traditional media and more which ultimately results in phone calls, orders or foot traffic. Marketing tactics that are already in place, such as pay-per-click advertising, digital banner ads, public relations efforts, social media accounts and search engine optimization don’t work as well without content to promote.

    Content strategy should seek to produce and distribute content that is consistently shared by our audience, but that also can be shared easily. Creating a steady stream of fresh information on a variety of topics opens several avenues to drive traffic to a website through search, social media, traditional media and more which ultimately results in phone calls, orders or foot traffic.

    Marketing tactics that are already in place, such as pay-per-click advertising, digital banner ads, public relations efforts, social media accounts and search engine optimization don’t work as well without content to promote. Thanks for sharing your worthy information with us and this one is much interesting as i expect regarding this subject.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  12. these are some great tips. I know that when I started adding info on Arizona (where I live and work) I started getting more comments. That helps me differentiate from other jewelers. Adding in details about the gemstones draws a lot of attention too.

  13. Excellent tips as always Joan. The one area I keep saying I’m going to do more work on is expanding my syndication. I’ve improved some, but what I really need to do is set up a system for myself so I can automate at least some of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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