Here’s The #1 Secret Of Successful Marketing Campaigns

You’re About To Discover The #1 Secret Of Successful Marketing Campaigns









The #1 Secret Of Successful Marketing Campaigns





The #1 Secret To Successful Marketing Is……….












Today, I would like to share with you some key points for a successful marketing campaign by Chris Garrett…..ENJOY THE VALUE!








What are the 3 most important keys to momentum when it comes to a successful marketing campaign?






1.  Goodwill

  • On the negative side, when you are constantly asking instead of giving, your goodwill goes down, and you lose your audience’s attention.


2.  Consistency

  • People want you to be predictably reliable.
  • It’s a big part of your brand.


3.  Expectation

  • As well as having expectations in terms of consistency, your audience also expects good, valuable things from you.
  • They know, even if they don’t have perfectly complete information, that they can trust what you deliver.









6 Ways To Remove Friction For A Successful Marketing Campaign



1.  Unnecessary hurdles

  • Are there any barriers in the way?


2.  Confusion

  • Confused people don’t buy.
  • Confused people are difficult to even get interested enough to listen.
  • You need to stay on message and make that message crystal clear.


3.  Suspicion

  • It happens to many big companies or well known individuals.
  • People start suspecting ulterior or sinister motives.


4.  Doubt/Risk

  • As trust goes up, the perception of risk goes down, but this doesn’t mean you get a free ride.
  • Sometimes the bar is raised unrealistically high because you did such a good job.


5.  Boredom/Distraction

  • Sometimes predictability is a bad situation to get into.
  • People get distracted with other shiny stuff.
  • Sometimes it happens just because you have your head down working that you don’t pay enough attention to your audience.


6.  Negative social proof

  • Bad reviews, bad word of mouth….you have to plug the leaks early and often, and keep communicating so you are the first to know about bad rumblings.






Remember……Success doesn’t come overnight.




What looks like overnight success has had a lot of work behind the scenes.




When you start to see progress, get behind it, remove any obstacles, and keep your customers happy, then you will see that compounding “snow ball” effect you are looking for!






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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