Here’s The Bottom Line About Twitter Marketing

How To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool












5 Successful Strategies Using Twitter For Your Marketing





Using Twitter as a marketing tool helps you reach into your target market quickly since each tweet requires only 140 characters of creativity.




“You no longer need to spend hours of time sending out updates on other social networks to over deliver to your target audience”….says my friend Ryan Biddulph







Twitter is the most social-media-friendly social media strategy for aspiring entrepreneurs.

On twitter you can send out hundreds of tweets hourly and repost old tweets a few times each day to develop your own Twitter marketing trends.





If you want to use smart twitter marketing tips just tweet good stuff and make many friends by sharing other people’s content.









Here are my friend Ryan’s 5 Successful Strategies for using Twitter…..ENJOY!!






1.  Twitter Marketing Quality: Tweet Value

  • Tweeting value makes you attractive to your target audience.
  • You do the targeting by adding niche specific keywords to your updates.
  • Seek out problems and share solutions to those problems via your tweets.
  • Twitter marketing pros are smart to help people with each and every tweet.
  • Help people.



2.  Twitter Marketing Schedule: Tweet Hourly

  • If you are smart you see twitter for what it is; the Wild West of social media networking sites, and you gain more twitter followers by keeping yourself in the stream with active tweeting and yes, with hyper tweeting.
  • Twitter marketing focuses on the idea of helping people persistently.
  • Being persistent means staying in the stream each hour of each day because the top tweeters know that volume tweeting makes your job a bit easier.
  • If you stay in the stream people find you.
  • Commit to tweeting good stuff and tweeting frequently.
  • Each 5 or 10 tweet block improves your visibility and attracts a massive, targeted following over time.
  • If you show up daily your twitter marketing campaign is built on a solid, disciplined foundation.

Twitter Marketing Bonus Tip

  • Use automation to make your job easier.
  • Using plug ins or other tools to send out tweets on auto pilot helps you stay in the stream while you sleep, or rest at the beach.



3.  Twitter Marketing Etiquette: Follow Back

  • Following back is the easiest way to generate more twitter followers in a minimum amount of time because most folks follow back.
  • Your goal remains to follow back everybody to boost your follower count, while of course developing relationships with a many followers as possible.
  • If you follow back you will note your follower count jumping by 10, 20, 50, or even 100 people each day as you attract a larger audience each day.
  • You gain many followers in a short period of time you just increased the likelihood that you can attract readers, or more blog subscribers, or more client or more team members.



4.  Twitter Marketing Interaction: Engage Frequently

  • Engaging frequently takes zero skill.
  • You thank people, support people, ask for help, ask questions and provide answers to prove to individuals that you are human.
  • If you want to optimize your twitter marketing campaign try engaging people each day.
  • Ask questions to pique the interest of your twitter following.
  • Take time to provide answers so people on twitter can see that you are an eager listener.
  • Thank individuals who retweet your content to develop stronger bonds with your followers.
  • Expressing gratitude makes you stand out from the twitter crowd, the masses of folks who are too busy to stop and thank people who expand their presence on a daily basis.



5. Twitter Marketing Promotion: Retweet

  • People love kind, generous tweeters who are quick to support other folks by retweeting.
  • The simple act of retweeting requires you to press 1 button so set aside 1 second and expand your presence quickly.
  • Smart tweeters realize that twitter is all about giving before receiving.
  • Send out retweets as frequently as possible through the day.
  • Take the time to expand your twitter marketing campaign by helping people through retweeting.
  • The simple act takes virtually no time and yields immense returns quickly.





Do you employ these 5 successful twitter marketing strategies?









If you enjoyed these 5 successful twitter marketing strategies from my friend, Ryan Biddulph, and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share…..Thank You!




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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