How Important Is Social Proof?

Social Proof, Is It That Important?










The Crazy Power Of Social Proof





Are you an independent thinker?




Do you like to make up your own mind?



Do you enjoy going against the grain?




“Social proof is more powerful when we’re uncertain what to do”………says Robert Cialdini




On the internet, we often deal with uncertainty.

  • What should we read?
  • What should we buy?




“Design has a big impact on first impressions and whether we trust a site. But often we look for other clues – we read the posts highlighted as popular, and we browse the popular books on Amazon”………says Henneke






Comments and social shares are another source of social proof.

  • But what if you don’t get social shares or comments?
  • You might be blogging about a topic that people aren’t interested in sharing.
  • You might not have promoted your blog that much.






What you need to remember when it comes to social proofing:


1.  You need to avoid the kind of social proof that leads to bystander apathy.


2.  You need to find more creative ways to show social proof….

  • Use a social sharing plug-in that doesn’t show the number of tweets, likes, and plusses on your posts.
  • Show how many social media followers you have to encourage people to connect.
  • Display popular posts in your sidebar.
  • Use the power of testimonials.


3.  Social proof should not be your focus.


4.  Don’t tweet your own posts twenty or thirty times to artificially boost your tweet count.


5.  Don’t worry so much about comments and shares.






Worrying about social proof can make you forget what blogging is about: sharing your knowledge, inspiring other people, building your authority, and gaining leads for your business.




Focus on helping and inspiring your audience because that’s how you engage potential customers and that’s how you earn their business.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How Important Is Social Proof?”

  1. Hi Joan,

    Social proof is important because it shows people that the results are real. Especially if someone is looking to lose weight and they want to know a particular product works and when you have a side by side picture of someone “before” and “after”, that results can happen with these products provided that you follow the program.

    You’re right Joan, with social proof you don’t want to come off as annoying either. Just know that you’re helping out those that need our help and you can never say the wrong things to the right person.

    Great post as always.
    Nate Leung recently posted…Why Deceptive MLM Scam Reviews Are Hurting The Network Marketing ProfessionMy Profile

  2. If you provide value to your audience you don’t have to worry about social sharing. It is going to happen naturally. Quality content is all you should be worried about. People love stories, if the stories have a meaning this is better.

    My very first articles, those written before I was tainted by SEO are still on a page one people are finding. In each case these are stories with a point. They provide information which help people make a decision.
    Dennis Thorgesen recently posted…Brand articles keeping a reader’s attentionMy Profile

  3. Hey Joan,

    I definitely agree with you. We should all focus on how we’re going to engage people more so then trying to show how many people like us or follow us. If you consistently do this, you will start to grow your social proof, and before long, you’ll have a bunch of comments, shares, and followers just from engaging with people. Thanks for sharing and thinking of this topic! This definitely should be discussed more often!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How To Get Your Blog Promoted More With Less EffortMy Profile

  4. Your social proof increases if you give people a reason to like you, and trust you. Awesome tips Joan because each focuses on detaching a bit, and simply sowing freely, before you reap.

    I dig promoting others aggressively; this helps me generate more social proof as folks promote me in return.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…4 Reasons Why Blogging RocksMy Profile

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