How To Achieve Awesome Network Marketing Results

Achieve Awesome Network Marketing Results With These 10 Practical Tips









10 Practical Tips to Achieve Awesome Network Marketing Results




“Achieve spectacular network marketing results by sticking to fundamentals.”….says my friend Ryan Biddulph




Massive empires use fundamentals like creating value and connecting with individuals.




Why would you ignore the basics?




Practical works.




Practical is powerful.








10 Practical Tips To Achieve Awesome Network Marketing Results Today by Ryan Biddulph





Tip 1 – Link Up Frequently

  • Link up to your squeeze page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, your email signature, among other places.
  • Increase the chances of being found.




Tip 2 – Provide Value

  • Post a value packed freebie




Tip 3 – Tweet It

  • Tweet your squeeze page link at least once daily.
  • Get in the stream.




Tip 4 – “Hit”  Ning Networks with Content

  • Create content through posts, discussions and videos to drive leads to your squeeze page.




Tip 5 – Check Your Neighborhood Part 1

  • Hang where prospects hang.
  • Join niche specific groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Read posts.
  • Share posts.
  • Write insightful, valuable comments.
  • Paste to posts on networks, and actual blog posts.




Tip 6 – Check Your Neighborhood Part 2

  • Hanging with spammers?
  • Waste of time.
  • Connect with leaders.
  • Only join value-packed, engaging groups.
  • Spammers are selfish.
  • No leads on these groups, maybe a few tire kickers at best.




Tip 7 – Reduce Calls

  • Include 1 blanket call to action on your blog.
  • Direct to your squeeze page.
  • Include the call 2 to 3 times.
  • Before and after the post, and in a sidebar widget.




Tip 8 – Persist Like Hell

  • Persistence wins.
  • Program individuals to respond to your message.
  • Show up daily.
  • Create daily.
  • Grow on people.
  • Generate leads.


Tip 9 – Study Top Earners

  • Study top earners from related niches.
  • How do they set up their squeeze page or blog?
  • Success leaves clues.
  • Study.
  • Prosper.


Tip 10 – Move People

  • Check out these headlines
  • “Quick” tips. “Practical” tips.
  • People like quick, and practical.
  • People moved, post read, leads generated.
  • “10 Tips to Drive Leads”…doesn’t cut it.
  • Too Bland.






Drive quick leads to your network marketing squeeze page by following each tip persistently.






If you enjoyed these awesome practical tips from my friend, Ryan, and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share them with everyone you feel will benefit knowing them…..Thank You!





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