How To Acquire More Happy Customers

The 4 Most Used Strategies To Acquiring Happy Customers










What You Need To Know About Acquiring Happy Customers





When it comes to customer acquisition, there’s no denying that you are in the people business no matter what you’re selling.








People buy your products.




“It doesn’t matter if you’re selling dog food; Fido isn’t going to be the one to lay down the bones for those fancy chew toys and leather doggie jackets”….says Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout




You’re always selling to people.




The more you understand about how people “tick,” the better off you’ll be.




You’ll be able to create better products (the kind that truly help people), craft far more useful content, and nudge people towards saying “Yes!” … all without the sleaze.











Here are 4 strategies from Help Scout to help you acquire more happy customers…..Enjoy!



1.  Writing Better Copy

  • On the web, words rule.
  • For business owners and professionals, words play another pivotal role — the act of “copywriting,” or writing in a persuasive manner, is key when you want to turn random readers into loyal customers.
  • How to make your writing more persuasive:
  • Research shows that when you can create a physical feeling with readers using mirroring, you’re using some of the most persuasive writing possible.
  • Create urgency, then give instructions.

  • Speak clearly to your readers about what you want them to do.
  • Use persuasive power words.

  • There are certain persuasive words that inspire people to take action.
  • Don’t forget the verbs.

  • Verbs are persuasive because they are specific and therefore harder to push aside.



2.  Creating Popular Content

  • Smart entrepreneurs know they can use the web to create a “magnetic” form of marketing, in the way of providing free content to build an audience that helps build their business.
  • The six high-arousal emotions are “awe”, “anxiety”, “joy”, “lust” ,and “surprise”  and are the most common in most viral content on the Web.
  • Things that are “taboo”,”unusual”,”outrageous”, “hilarious”, “remarkable” or “secretive” garnered the most attention (especially when combined).



3.  Persuasive Pricing

  • Having too many options can lead to “action paralysis” where customers won’t take any action if they have too many choices available.
  • People are fonder of experiences when they remember the time they spent (or saved) with a product rather than the money they saved.



4.  Establishing Trust & Authority

  • It takes a lot of hard work to get customers to know, like, and trust your business enough to buy from you.
  • Many professionals don’t worry enough about this aspect, thinking that their product/service will “speak for itself.”
  • What you have to understand is that customers often know nothing about you.
  • Stay away from negative social proof.

  • Increase trust with images.

  • Put a face to your business.





 One last thing to remember:happycustomers2





Surprising people with a small gift is one of the best ways to create a lasting bond and a reciprocal relationship.






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Joan Harrington

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  1. Good stuff Joan! I love the point you made that you need to limit the options offered to your customers. I’ve seen it so many times where a company lost the sale because the customer couldn’t make a final decision because of too many option.

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