How To Attract Customers

3 Ways To Attract Customers













How To Attract Customers








Here are 3 ways you can start to attract customers from The Connection/PRWeb








Customers are inundated with countless advertising messages every day.




Inbound, or marketing by attraction, breaks through the clutter.




The term “Inbound marketing” is all about creating valuable, engaging content and resources that pull customers to your brand organically.







Generate real inbound marketing success with these 3 tips







1.  Connect with the customer

  • One of the best ways to attract customers is connect with them on more than a transactional level using social media and events.
  • Whether providing valuable information or a much-needed laugh, inject some brand personality and show the human side of your business.



2.  Get visual

  • Photographs, infographics and videos are shareable on social media and digestible for busy customers.
  • Aim to visually convey your brand’s story on your blog and through social channels through your content.



3.  Provide a call to action

  • Make sure customers have a clear path toward a deeper level of engagement with your business – even if it’s as simple as leaving a comment.
  • The more customers interact with your brand, the more they’ll remember you when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.
  • Make it easy for them with simple calls-to-action.






Customers will often ignore, blatant, hyped up marketing techniques.




Providing accessible and valuable content and conversations as part of an inbound marketing campaign will help your brand become a trusted resource – and attract future customers.







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