How To Be A Bad Ass Leader

Do You Want To Be A Bad Ass Leader?






The 4 Simple Steps To Help You Become The Bad Ass Leader You Were Meant To Be








“More and more people are getting involved in network marketing these days says Ty Tribble, because of the fact that they know the income possibilities associated with starting a network marketing business”.






Here Are Ty’s 4 Steps You Need To Become A Leader In Network Marketing








Step #1.  Learn

  • If you’re new and think you’re not qualified to become a leader in network marketing, think again. 
  • In this industry, you don’t need any diploma, degree nor any sort of educational background to become a successful leader.
  • The good news is that the skills needed to become successful in this industry are learn-able. 





Step # 2.   Apply

  • Once you have learned some leadership, sales and marketing skills, its time to apply those skills into action. 
  • Start taking action and do it consistently.

  • Knowledge without action is useless.
  • Remember this, you don’t need to learn everything all at once before  taking action.






Step # 3.   Teach

  • Once equipped with your leadership skills, sales and marketing skills, it’s now your turn to teach your downlines how to become a leader themselves.
  • Teach your team how to effectively do sales and marketing, how to do network marketing business the right way and of course how to sponsor people into their business.






Step # 4.   Duplicate

  • Network marketing is a business of duplication. 
  • Without duplication you will not succeed.

  • Whatever it is that you’re doing that is helping you succeed and achieve your goals in your network marketing business, duplicate it  on your team.






There’s no shortcut to success in this industry, you need to build your way up which is to learn, apply, teach and duplicate.





If done properly, network marketing success is just right around the corner.







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