How To Be Irresistible In Your Email Marketing

How To Be Irresistible In Your Email Marketing








Do You Want To Be More Irresistible In Your Email Marketing?




Ways That You Can Be Irresistible In Your Email Marketing





Today, I am going to share with you what I have learned from CopyBlogger’s Founder Brian Clark about how to make your email marketing more irresistible.




Get ready for some incredible value, friends!




You must first get your emails read and it all starts with the subject line.



Email subject lines are a form of headline.



They perform the same function as a headline by attracting attention and getting your email content a chance to be read.




What you need to know about getting your emails read…..








The Fundamentals

When you’re writing your next subject line, run it through this checklist, based on the Four “U” Approach to headline writing:


  • Useful: Is the promised message valuable to the reader?
  • Ultra-specific: Does the reader know what’s being promised?
  • Unique: Is the promised message compelling and remarkable?
  • Urgent: Does the reader feel the need to read now?


When you’re trying to get someone to take valuable time and invest it in your message, a subject line that properly incorporates all four of these elements can’t miss.




The Specifics

These are the things to specifically focus on with email subject lines:


  • Identify yourself: Over time, the most compelling thing about an email message should be that it’s from you.
  • Useful and specific first: Of the four “U” fundamentals, focus on useful and ultra-specific, even if you have to ignore unique and urgent.
  • Urgent when it’s useful: When every message from you is urgent, none is. Use urgency when it’s actually useful, such as when there’s a real deadline or compelling reason to act now.
  • Shorter is better: Subject line real estate is valuable, so the more compact your subject line, the better.





The Secret Sauce

Getting someone to trust you with their email address is not easy.

  • If you do gain that initial trust, and more importantly, confirm and grow it, you can write pretty lame subject lines and people will still read your messages.
  • Your open rates will improve based on the quality of your subject line.
  • You just have to over-deliver on the value to ensure you’re a treasured guest who gets invited back.




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