How To Be More Creative With Your Content

Are You Being Creative In Your Content Marketing?












Here’s How To Be More Creative





Anyone can write a ton of information, but that content is dull and uninteresting without creativity.




“It’s a great writer who can channel their creativity by taking a simple topic and adding the details readers love to make their writing engaging, compelling, and downright entertaining”……..says






Remember that one half of writing is information, while the other half is creativity.





Creativity delivers better results because it:

  • Makes you human and relates to readers.
  • Increases your article’s ability to be amplified.
  • Attracts visitors to your website and keeps them there.
  • Channels your passions or interests so it’s a lot more fun to write.




Creativity needs focus and distance.



You can harness your creative power by breaking your writing process into 3 stages:

  • Brainstorming
  • Writing
  • Editing



Each stage helps you organize your thoughts, shut up your inner critic, and apply creativity every step of the way.

  • As you execute the stages, take a bird’s-eye-view by giving yourself and the topic a little distance.
  • This will help you…..
  • Increase your ability to problem solve.
  • Be more objective without being emotionally detached.
  • Vary your approach from a variety of angles and perspectives.




Once you’ve established your topic, you can inject a little personable creativity utilizing these following 5  strategies from Ezine Articles…..


1.  Read

  • Read everything – from literature’s best to the latest news.
  • By reading, you’ll notice stylistic trends, storytelling methods, and much more that you can try out in your writing to find your engaging voice.


2.  Compare

  • Attempt to compare opposites.
  • This will help you realize different solutions to various problems.


3.  Age

  • Channel your inner child to be more imaginative and ask all of those basic “why” questions.


4.  Diagnose

  • Consider not the symptoms, but the cause of a topic and then find a solution for the cause.


5.  Rebel

  • Go against the grain with an angle that benefits readers.
  • Consider a different stance by being the devil’s advocate and rebel.




The most common form (and most successful) creative exercise you will find is descriptive reflection.

  • Either through brainstorming or daydreaming, allow yourself to think of past personal and professional experiences.
  • Recall or think of hearty and hardy specifics and then reflect back on your topic, pulling the engaging details that will bring your reader home.







You must set yourself apart from other writers by being more creative in your original writing approach using the above tips.





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