How To Be Your Most Passionate Self

Discover How You Can Be Your Most Passionate Self













How Passionate Are You Really?





In the process of building your audience, you must never forget that YOU stand at the core of it all, and the only way that is right for you to build your audience is the way that is right for you.




Here’s how to be your passionate self in order to grow an engaged audience






Blogging and building an audience is hard…..Do it anyway.






This is what you know:

  • You need to be creating amazing content and sharing it.
  • You need to be responsive to your audience and their needs.
  • You have to prioritize your tasks and manage your time well.
  • You need to be active in the communities that pertain to your industry.




Why isn’t it working?




There is absolutely no good enough reason not to get it working for you and do it anyway.







“If you are not out there engaging with your audience yet, this may be some of the reasons why”…….says Corbett Barr








1.  People will judge you

Welcome to the internet, land of a million critics.

  • If you’re going to be putting yourself out there in a genuine way, then some people are going to judge you, and it’s going to hurt if you let it.
  • Sometimes negative feedback can be a great thing – it can point out the things that you could be doing better, and change the way you think about your own work and opinions.
  • Other times, it will feel nasty and pointless – because that’s exactly what it will be.
  • This is a risk that you have to take.
  • It’s all part of the growth process, and you’ll learn what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not.
  • Eventually you’ll learn that if you try to please everyone, your content probably won’t be worth reading.



2.  There’s a ridiculous amount of competition

  • Getting someone to choose your site over all of the other options isn’t easy.
  • It is all about your content, being patient and putting in your time
  • Being great at all three is what will really put you ahead of the curve.
  • Ask yourself this question: “Why should someone read my blog vs. the hundreds (or thousands) of other choices out there?” 
  • If you don’t have a solid answer, it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing.



3.  You may have to disclose more about yourself than you’re comfortable with

  • In order to really engage with your audience, sometimes it’s best to let them know who you really are.



4.  Failure is a very real possibility

How can you avoid failure for your blog?

  • It depends largely on what you decide to write about
  • You need to make sure that the topic is both something that you’re passionate about and something that other people will be interested in reading.
  • It’s important to remember that you, with your unique perspective, bring something valuable to the table.
  • Your fear of failure, as valid as it may be, is only a sign that you’re doing something challenging, pushing your own boundaries.
  • Don’t let it stop you from trying.





Helping people is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects of being a blogger.




At the end of the day, the only thing keeping you from creating your business, making your blog successful, and living the life you want is YOU…..




Be sincere, be passionate and be personal.




That doesn’t mean that changing your mindset and overcoming all of the fears surrounding growing an audience isn’t difficult – it just means that you can.





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