How To Beat The # 1 Conversion Killer In Your Copy

What Is The #1 Conversion Killer in Your Copy?








The #1 Conversion Killer And How To Beat It!







Think about these questions:



What makes people almost buy?

What makes them get most of the way there, then drop out of your shopping cart at the last second?

What makes them stare at your landing page, wanting what you have to offer, and yet, ultimately, close the page and move on to something else?




I bet you did not even realize that there is a hideous troll hiding inside your computer.



Every time you get close to making a sale, the troll springs out and scares your prospect away…..says Sonia Simone from CopyBlogger





Today, I wanted to share with you what I have learned from Sonia Simone, of CopyBlogger on How To Beat This #1 Conversion Killer……




This ugly, smelly, dirty, bad-mannered troll is PROSPECT FEAR ……and it’s sitting there right now, stinking up your landing page and scaring good customers away.







The 3 Ugly Faces Of Prospect Fear

  • Fear of wasting money

  • Fear of mockery

  • Fear of feeling stupid




Every time we’re betrayed by a sleazy salesperson, we toughen up just a little.




The troll grows.




Our mistrust grows and our inclination to believe shrinks.



Then a blogger shows up with a wonderful ebook, MP3 course or membership site that will solve a problem that’s been really bothering us.




Let’s call that blogger . . . you.




We want to believe you.

We want to get the benefit from what you have to offer.

We want to have something — anything — work out the way it was promised.



But the troll keeps whispering in our ear, with his truly horrendous breath, how stupid we’re going to feel when we fall for that again.






How do you kill this troll….called prospect fear?

  • Everything on your site needs to show that you can be trusted.
  • Real contact information.
  • Showing your photograph.
  • Every detail matters.
  • Everything you do needs to build trust and kill the troll(prospect fear).




“Unless you sell to ten-year-olds, your prospect has been kicked around so often by unscrupulous (or incompetent) businesses that the troll is a very hard fellow to kill”……says Sonia



Give the prospect any tiny reason to mistrust you, and all those wretched old experiences come back.



Let’s declare war on the trolls!



Be extraordinarily trustworthy.



Show your value.



Put your customers first.



Keep your promises.




Remember this troll is tough and hard to kill…..but with dedication and commitment, you can chase him off to go wreck somebody else’s business.





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