How To Become A More Influential Speaker

Become A More Influential Speaker









4 Ways That Can Help You To Become A More Influential Speaker





Do you want to enhance your persuasive public speaking skills?









Here are 4 ways that can help you to become a more influential speaker by Michael Lee, author of  How To Be An Expert Persuader




1 – Body Language

  • In order to effectively connect with your audience, mean what you’re saying through nonverbal cues.
  • Include eye contact, hand gestures, pacing and the like to stress your words and statements.
  • If you want to have power over others, let your eyes do half of the talking for you.
  • Practice your facial expressions in front of the mirror until you get used to the feeling.




2 – Voice Modulation

  • Public speakers use their voices as their main weapon.
  • They change their tone and their volume depending on what kind of impression they want to leave to their audience.




3 – Study

  • Influence is your main concern when speaking before an audience so you have to know what you’re talking about.
  • You have to persuade them into considering the point that you’re trying to make by citing facts, accepted truths and sources to show that your speech is actually based on something relevant.
  • Do some research and be open about new ideas and opinions before speaking; this will further guide you how to be a more persuasive speaker.




4 – Connection

  • Treat your audience, no matter how great or small in number, as your utmost concern.
  • They are the reason you are speaking, so feel for them as if your message and efforts will be in vain if you cannot convince them to your point of view.
  • You have to create a link between you and your audience to successfully deliver your speech.
  • This connection can be made through personal anecdotes, humor or even asking an audience to speak a little.
  • The goal is to be able to create feelings between you and your audience where they will know that it matters to you that they listen.
  • This will be the basis for a smooth flow for the duration of the speech and probably the key to persuasion.





In a persuasive speech, you as the public speaker should know how to persuade and convince.

The audience should be driven to a point of influence that your message will successfully be delivered and received.





Repetition of ideas, facts and opinions will bring them to your point and positively boost your persuasive public speaking skills.






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