How To Become A Successful Home Business Entreprenuer

How You Can Become A Successful Home Business Entreprenuer






7 Steps To Become A Successful Home Business Entreprenuer






If you are ready to quit your home business take a deep breath.





“If you want to pull your hair out because your list is tiny, you have no leads, or you are making no money, relax for a moment”…..says my friend Ryan Biddulph





You can be FREE, whatever that means for you.





Here are Ryan’s 7 steps on how you can become a successful business entreprenuer starting right now…..Thanks Ryan!








Step 1 – Meditate

  • Meditate each day for at least 20 minutes.
  • Start at 5 minutes.
  • Work your way up.
  • Meditation helps you become aware of negative emotions blocking your success.
  • All the hoping, wishing, “maybe-ing”, all that must go, and be replaced by believing and knowing.





Step 2 – Release

  • Release.
  • Virtually all struggling home business entrepreneurs are terrible at releasing, at letting go, at spending a few bucks to make thousands, or millions.




Step 3 – Picture

  • Picture your goals in detail.
  • Engage in specific, detailed dreaming.
  • See your dream life. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it.
  • Tap into your emotions.
  • Feel your picture as real now.
  • Generating these real emotions attracts to you what is needed to make the dreams come true.




Step 4 – Study

  • Study great online entrepreneurs.
  • Do you think Ray Higdon skips meditating for even a single day? Nope.
  • Do you think he does a poor job releasing? Nope.
  • Do you think he skips a day of visualizing? Nope.
  • He makes millions because he studied successful people and did what they did, each day.
  • You need to do the same if you want to succeed.




Step 5 – Systemize

  • Create value.
  • Receive value, like money, high energy team members, etc.
  • Make connections.
  • Grow your network.
  • Friends promote your work, which expands your presence, grows your team.




Step 6 – Help

  • Help others get what you want.
  • Want traffic?
  • Help people get traffic.
  • Promote their blog posts, videos, articles.
  • This is the easiest yet most ignored step.
  • Struggling entrepreneurs think ME ME ME, when it should be HELP HELP HELP.
  • Promote people.
  • People promote you.
  • You reach a larger audience.
  • Simple.
  • Easy.



Step 7 – Slow Down

  • Relax.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Rushing is forcing, desperation, and force negates.
  • All good things come to you.
  • Relax.
  • Be patient.









If you enjoyed these 7 steps to become a successful entreprenuer by my friend, Ryan Biddulph, and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share with everyone whom you think will benefit from knowing this information…..Thank You!





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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