How To Build A Better Quality Website

Building A Better Quality Website











7 Easy Ways To Build A Better Quality Website





Is Your Website User Friendly or Unnatural?







Ensure your website is working for you and not against you with these 7 easy steps for a better quality website.






1.  Monitor and Block Spam

  • User-generated content in forums, blogs, guestbook pages, etc. can be a blessing and a curse.
  • High-quality interactions, comments, and reviews are always rewarded; however, user-generated content is prone to spam.


2.  Avoid Creating Parked Pages

  • Parked pages or parked domains lack quality content.
  • These pages don’t have user-oriented content because the parked pages either reserve a domain name, redirect the user, or the registrant’s ownership of the page has expired.


3.   Own Your Website

  • Free Hosts and Dynamic DNS Providers are prone to spammy content.
  • Even if your pages on these free hosting websites are of the highest caliber, the sheer amount of spam that shares your free host will pull down your rank (and your ability to be searched by users).
  • Users, publishers, and even search engines are more inclined to trust (and reward) website owners who have a vested interest in their website.



4.   Consider a User-Oriented Design

  • From navigation layout to aesthetic appeal, each page on your website (and any links from your website) should target user experience.
  • Invest in the design of your website.
  • Avoid affiliate pages, doorway pages, and cookie cutter websites that may negatively impact user experience and therefore your page rank.




5.   Perpetuate Quality

  • Content that’s thin, derivative, spun, copied and/or even plagiarized offers little to no added value for users.
  • Always provide engaging, quality content for the user.




6.   Don’t Sit on a Hack

  • Clean up and secure your website to protect your users and your brand.
  • If any or all of your pages have been hacked to display spammy content or links by a third party, then take action to fix it right away!



7.   Cease Spamming

  • If you practice spinning, cloaking, scraping, hiding text, keyword stuffing, egregious redirecting, and other unnatural, deceptive, or manipulative outbound linking, then you’re contributing to the creation of pure spam.
  • Stop these toxic methods immediately and begin building a website and platform based on quality measures that target user experience.






What does targeting a great user experience do for you?








Better engagement, higher conversions, more exposure, and increased traffic.








Use these 7 easy ways to start building a better quality website starting right now.






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