How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Audience Using Email

Build A Better Relationship With Your Audience Utilizing Email Marketing The Right Way 




[tweet_box design=”default”]”It’s actually not that difficult to engage with your audience via email when you know the right types of emails to send” says Will Hoekenga (a copywriting & marketing consultant and writes at[/tweet_box]


Here are seven emails from Will, that you can integrate into your email marketing routine to lift your open and click rates, increase reader engagement and develop long-lasting relationships. 


**(Make sure you read all the way to the end so you can get Will’s email templates to use for yourself in your own email marketing strategy)




#1: The “Unexpected Content Bomb” Email

  • You don’t need a big email list to reap the benefits of Unexpected Content Bombs.
  • All you need is:
  • A personal touch to kick off the email – Make sure your subscribers know they’re the only ones getting to read it.
  • Valuable content – This should go without saying, but make sure the email helps them accomplish something. You should be sending more than just, “Hey, what’s up?!”
  • A call to action to reply – Tell them to reply to the email. Ask a compelling question. Let them know you’re there to help. Not only will the responses advance your relationship with readers, they will also indicate to email clients that what you send doesn’t belong in the dreaded SPAM folder.


#2: The “Whole Shebang” Email

  • When you send content-rich emails, rather than short emails that demand an action, something magical happens…
  • You train subscribers to read your emails, not just your blog posts.
  • If you don’t have the time to put together Unexpected Content Bombs (like example #1 showed), simply inserting your entire post into your email can be a good way to start training readers to read your emails.
  • That way, when the time comes for you to send them something other than a new blog post (like a product you’re selling), they’ll be eager to open the email simply because they want to read what you have to say.




#3: The “Useful Recycle” Email

  • The concept is simple and effective—take an existing piece of content you’ve already created and repurpose it into a different type of content so you can maximize its reach.
  • For example:
  • Getting video content transcribed and turning the transcription into a written blog post
  • Turning a written blog post into a podcast episode
  • Turning a handful of related blog posts into an ebook or email course
  • Re-releasing a popular piece of content in a new format which means offering a tremendous amount of value to blog subscribers, with a relatively low amount of work for bloggers.
  • Simply, you’re giving your audience a new way to enjoy the content they already love, and you deliver it to them via email.
  • It’s less mental strain on you as a content creator and adds value and enjoyment for your readers.


#4: The “Free Consultation” Email

  • Specifically, your email offering free consultations needs to do three things:
    Limit the number of calls offered and set expectations. Tell your subscribers how many openings you have available and how long each call will be. By setting limitations, you save yourself time and increase your list’s sense of urgency.
    Attach a clear, concrete outcome to the consultation. Don’t just tell your subscribers, “Hey, I’m doing free consultations, want one?” Outline the specific benefits they’ll get from the consultation and how it will be structured.
    Have them apply for the consultation. Rather than operating on a “first come, first served” basis, tell your subscribers to answer a handful of questions to be considered for a free consultation. This gives you the chance to gain valuable insight into your audience and pick and choose the people you most want to work with.
  • Here’s the best part—you can limit the amount of free consultations you offer and still reap the majority of those benefits.
  • If you’re looking for a way to electroshock some life back into your list, the free consultation email is a great way to do it.


#5: The “Free Preview” Email

  • If you have something exciting planned for your audience—whether it’s a product launch, webinar, giveaway, or even just a new blog post you’ve put a lot of work into—you’ll probably obsess over writing the email that announces it to the world upon its release.
  • Nothing primes the pump of anticipation more than giving readers a small taste of what’s to come before you actually release it.
  • Teasing your content in advance accomplishes several things:
  • You get it on the radar of the people it’s most likely to help, making it much harder for them to miss the release email once it hits their inbox.
  • It allows you to raise compelling questions in your readers’ minds that they will want an answer to—an answer your content is going to provide.
  • It forces you to clarify the value proposition of your content well before the heavy promotion begins (and sometimes even before the content is complete).


#6: The “Unopened Resend” Email

  • The premise is simple, yet the results it produces can have a major impact on the number of people who see your content.
  • It boils down to this:
  • Resend the email announcing your latest blog post to all of your subscribers who didn’t open it the first time around.
  • You probably shouldn’t use this strategy for every single email you send out, but when you’re sending something of particular importance it’s an easy way to ensure a much larger percentage of your audience engages with it.



#7: The “How Can I Help You?” Email

  • Simply ask your audience how you can help them.
  • It’s true that people often don’t know exactly what they want, they do know the problems they’re struggling with. And if you frame your question in terms of problems, you’ll end up with more ideas than you ever imagined.
  • Keep the questions open-ended but guide the reader’s thinking with topics and a final reminder that this is all about what they need help with.





Now, go ahead and take that first step now and pick the email that’s right for you and your readers, steal it, modify it, make it your own. Then, all you have to do is press “Send.”



If you crave something deeper, if you want to have an actual, two-way relationship with the human beings behind those email addresses, it’s time for you to go a step beyond and rekindle the flame just by sending one simple email.



As promised, here are the email templates from Will that you can use right now.Click here to get them now.



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