How To Build Authority In Your Niche

Do you REALLY know how to build authority in your niche?



“Most of the things you’ve been taught about how to build authority online are wrong, wrong, wrong”…….says Ray Higdon


Don’t believe him?  Check this out…..According to a study published by, a full 81% of bloggers never even make $100 from their blog.


Think about it……A hundred measly bucks for all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into building your authority?  REALLY??





If you’ve been trying to “get your name out there,” publishing content on your website, and doing all the things “they” have told you to do… but you’re still not getting the kind of attention, respect, and income you desire…..then you need to understand how to become an expert…..a recognized AUTHORITY in your niche…..then it will become EASY to make six figures a year just from your blog alone.


“Building authority isn’t just about the money.  It’s also about…earning the respect of your family, friends and peers…proving all those people wrong who said you’d never make it…getting to meet and network with high-level players you never would have met otherwise (and earning their respect, too)”….says Ray….and the #1 most common mistake that he sees among people who are trying to build their authority online is this……


Creating content for PRAISE Instead of PROFIT.


Many people who create content get addicted to positive feedback and social sharing. Whenever they publish something, they want to see lots of comments and lots of shares.


Here’s the problem: You can’t eat comments and shares. You can’t spend them either. Whenever somebody starts overvaluing comments and shares, they stop asking for money. And guess what? When you stop asking for money……you don’t make any money. In the end, you wind up with a happy community of non-buyers… a pleasant bunch of opinionated freebie seekers and spectators who will never pull out a credit card.


So one of the things Ray teaches his students is how to create monetized content that still gets comments and shares.


Want to discover his secret for blending shareable content with effective monetization strategies?


Then you’ll want to get access to Ray Higdon’s brand new course, The 3-Minute Expert……


The 3-Minute Expert is Ray’s brand new video training program that teaches you how to establish your authority in ANY niche no matter how competitive it is……and turn that authority into a predictable stream of revenue of at least six-figures a year or more.











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