How To Build Online Authority With Google+

Building Online Authority With Google+














What You Need To Know To Build Your Online Authority With Google+






Here are 7 ways to build your online authority with Google+ from – Chief Copywriter for Copyblogger Media




If you are a content creator who cares about:

  • Your reputation
  • Your work
  • Establishing online authority
  • Building an audience (which tends to happen faster on G+ than other social sites)
  • Driving more traffic to your website or blog
  • Growing your email newsletter subscriber list
  • And boosting sales and opportunities






Then you need a Google+ account.

You need to build a credible and authoritative profile on Google+ to enhance the sharing signals for your content in a way that Google can definitely see (unlike Twitter and Facebook).







Here are seven ways to do that:



 1. Beef up your Google+ audience (faster than Twitter)

  • The cool thing about a Google+ profile is that it seems to grow faster than what you can do on Twitter or Facebook (another reason to get over yourself and jump on Google+ if you haven’t).
  • How do you beef up your Google+ audience?
  • For starters, remember that in the end it’s a social media platform — and so you need to treat it that way.
  • Create a solid bio
  • Build relationships
  • Share content
  • Join Communities
  • Leave comments



2. Target traffic to your blog with Circles

  • Unlike Twitter and Facebook, however, where everything you share is visible to your entire audience, the benefit that Google+ provides is that it can help you segment your audiences and deliver appropriate content.
  • Google+ Circles will allow you to do that.
  • The beauty of this strategy is that you will see higher rates of interaction with your content.



3. Hustle Hangouts

  • One of the standout features in Google+ is their video chat feature — Hangouts.
  • You could also use Hangouts to build a following by hosting a weekly or monthly interview series.
  • Then promote the event regularly and you’ll start to build a solid audience.



4. Maximize the life of your content

  • Don’t be worried about duplicate content issues.



5. Attack a narrow topic

  • In many ways, Google+ is just another blogging platform like WordPress, since you don’t have a character limit, you can edit every post, publish images and videos, and even use simple markup to format your posts:
  • Bold — Add an asterisk (*) around the word or words you want to bold like this: *These words will be bold* in your post. This is also how you create a headline.
  • Italics — Put underscores (_) around text you want to italicize like this: I _love_ Google+.
  • Strikeout — Put hypens (-) around the word or words you want to strikeout. Like this: I –dislike- hate Facebook.
  • Once you publish the formatting will appear.
  • Use your Google+ account to drill down into a particular topic your main blog may not support.



6. Create a community

  • Recently Google+ released their Communities platform.
  • This is basically a group of people centered around a common interest.
  • When you join a Community, you’ll start to get the posts shared in that community (as if it were a Circle) showing up in your Google+ stream.
  • It’s a great way to network with like-minded people and get in front of an extended audience, especially if you post, share, and comment within that community.



7. Park all your content on Google+ (don’t do this one)

  • This is tempting, but it’s a mistake that sensible people will not make.
  • And as we’ve said many times, you don’t truly own your content if you park it on a social network or “free” platform.





Your work, on your site, and wherever else you choose to publish, with Google+ as a channel to reach it rather than the primary home for your content.




Your content and reputation should belong to you.

Not Facebook.

Not Google.

Not Tumblr.









When it comes to improved search rankings, building an audience on Google+ might just be the smartest thing you can do as a content creator.








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