How To Build Wealth In 3 Simple Steps

3 Simple Steps To Building Wealth








Building Wealth In 3 Simple Steps





Wealth building is a very popular subject, and for good reason: most of us want to enjoy financial freedom and abundance in our lives!



We all have different definitions of “wealth” – for some it’s millions or even billions of dollars; for others it’s simply the ability to comfortably maintain the lifestyle we want.



The great news is that, no matter how much (or how little) money you need to be “wealthy” by your definition, you can have it.



No ifs, ands or buts – you can manifest the wealth you want… but there are 3 special steps you need to take to get started.



These 3 steps from Chris D’Cruz, Keeper of the Universal Secrets, are an essential foundation to building true wealth, yet many of us ignore them or are unaware of their importance!









Step 1 – Believe that you’re worthy of the wealth you want, and see yourself as already having it.

  • True wealth building actually has very little to do with the way you earn money.
  • It has much more to do with your internal beliefs and perceptions about money and wealth: in other words, your relationship with it.
  • Get your beliefs and perceptions positively aligned with wealth, and the “wealth building” part will happen almost automatically!
  • For a good indication of your existing beliefs about money, take a look at your current financial situation.
  • If it’s not the situation you want, then you need to change your beliefs they’re what got you where you are today!
  • Contrary to what many people think, life doesn’t just “happen” to us.
  • We actually create our entire life experience based on our beliefs; those who enjoy the life experiences they want have simply learned to adopt matching beliefs, and they act according to them.





Step 2 – Determine what you love to do, and take action to build wealth with it!

  • It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else, for yourself, or if you own a company and employ others.
  • You can make a lot of money doing almost anything, although it’s true that most very wealthy people work for themselves or own their own businesses.
  • What’s really essential is that you enjoy what you do; that you approach it creatively and do it with passion.
  • Think about what you love to do.
  • What are your hobbies, interests, passions?
  • What do you totally love to immerse yourself in?
  • When you’re in “the zone,” what are you usually doing?
  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  • “What would I do, or create, if I knew I could not fail?”
  • “If I had the time and freedom, what would I do whether I was paid to do it or not?”




Step 3 – Make sure you create value for others.

  • This is essential.
  • Whether you work for yourself or someone else, your success with wealth building depends on how much value you provide for others.
  • That’s all money is: a means of exchanging value.
  • The more value you provide, the more wealth you can build.
  • If people decide that what you offer is of value to them, they will gladly exchange money for it.
  • By overdelivering on what you offer – in other words, by providing people with great value for their money – you virtually guarantee that you’ll build wealth!
  • Your actions also need to be in line with the greater good.
  • Focus on providing great value, and operate according to positive principles.
  • If you do that, you’ll create positive, abundant wealth – it’s that simple!





These 3 steps are an essential foundation for your wealth building activities.



Anyone who has created great wealth will tell you that your success depends on your beliefs and state of mind as much as your actions… in fact, your state of mind determines your actions!




So make sure to include these 3 essential steps in your own wealth building activities – and remember: you can do it!





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