How To Build Your Blog Business

The Building Blocks To Building Your Blog Business



It’s time to look forward from where you are now to where you want to be. Where are you now, and WHAT do you need to move towards where you want to be?


The first thing you need to do is to start building an email list, to create an audience of subscribers, you need 4 things:



1.  An email autoresponder to deliver your emails

  • To create your list you need to set up an autoresponder account where your new subscribers can enter their name and email.  I highly recommend Aweber for new businesses.
  • Aweber has a great “Getting Started” PDF you can download and use to make your setup process easier.

2. A way for people to subscribe to your email list 

  • Next, you need a lead capture page, a web page, so you can put an opt in form on to collect your subscribers.

3.  A reason for people to subscribe

  • You need a reason for your subscribers to want to opt into, to entice your prospects with something in exchange for their email address.
  • This can be a short report, a video, a checklist or anything small and easily consumable that people would like to have and will gladly sign up for access to in exchange for their email address.

4.  A way to reach people to let them know WHY they should opt in

  • The fastest and easiest way to do this is by guest posting on other blogs in your field.
  • Start by identifying blogs which have a similar audience to the one you want to build.
  • Get to know the bloggers, and become known to them, by commenting on their posts for a while.
  • Then reach out to each one with an idea for a guest post for their blog.
  • Write an epic post that their readers will love, and include a link back to your “reason” for opting in at the end of the article.


Next,  you need to start building your foundation

  • Whether your blog is already up and running or not, the first step in monetization is coming up with an idea for how to monetize it.
  •  If you don’t have a mailing list yet – you need to do some research.
  • Consider your ideal customer and find other blogs they spend time on.
  • Look at the comments – what questions get asked?
  • How do they identify their issues?


Whether you’re asking your audience, or doing some research, the goal is to create a list of solutions for the problems that you can solve with a product, service, affiliate link or otherwise.


What makes you different?


You should be asking engagement questions at the end of every email you send – make sure to respond to those who take the time to reply!  Here are a few types of questions you should include at the end of your emails:

  • “Did you find this email helpful? If not, what could I have done differently to help you?”
  • “Do you ever have this challenge? What could I offer that would help you solve this challenge?”
  • “Are you getting what you expected out of my emails? If so, what are you getting that you appreciate? If not, what are you not getting that you need, and how could I provide that?”
  • “What would you like me to talk more about in my emails?”
  • “What would you like to hear less about in my emails?”
  • “If you could sit down with me for 15 minutes and talk about [your field], what questions would you answer or what problems would you want me to solve?” (This is a good one to include not only in your survey, but also in emails for people who don’t take the survey.)


Like your emails, there should always be a similar engagement question at the end of your blog post. Look at your most popular posts on a regular basis.  Which posts get the most comments and shares?  Now, look at the comments for those posts.

  • What are your readers saying?
  • What are they asking?

>>>These comments can be a gold mine of information<<<


You can also use this technique on your competitors’ blogs by looking at the comments on their most popular posts to see what audiences similar to your audience are saying about other blogs in your field.


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27 thoughts on “How To Build Your Blog Business

  1. Thanks for sharing, as always, helpful info that I need to apply to my own blogging efforts.

    Just wanted to mention something wacky is going on with your blog site, though – there’s a gray overlay covering the top half of the page. It happens after you begin to scroll past your header – it turns gray and stays at the top of the page, and the rest of the page scrolls in and out of the grayed-out header.

    Also, several places appear to have blanks, until you run your cursor over them, and then the words show up. Not sure what’s going on, because I’ve been here lots of time and not seen this happen!

    • You are most welcome K Lee 🙂 Yes I am aware of my blog doing wacky things lol The techie guys behind the blogging platform are tweaking 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, much appreciated!!

    • Thanks Donna! Hmmmm, I will check it 🙂 Yes, all you do is click on the Aweber link (which is only visible when you put your cursor over the word…not sure how to fix that lol ) Let’s make a plan for next week to plan our Skype call Big hugs 😉

  2. The biggest takeaway for me is branding yourself.

    Your market is out there desperately looking for you, but they can’t find you because of the noise in the marketplace.

    Too often marketers use the same promotional materials that contributes to the noise in the space.

    When you brand yourself you rise above the noise.

    Dr. Lisa

    • So very true! Way too much noise in the marketplace lol! Yes we definately need to RISE above the noise and stand out so people CAN find us! Thank you Lisa for your feedback 🙂 Very much appreciated!

  3. Great list. We are in the process of building our email list with on-line targeted customers. We put a lot of preparation and research into every blog and would love a larger readership.

  4. Although I am doing the things you talk about in this post, I find as a lifestyle writer, it is taking much longer than I would like to really see my list multiplying. I imagine for those who are more business oriented, these steps become easier to implement and to see results from. I am constantly considering and reconsidering other things I can do to engage people to sign up for my newsletter and ultimately to buy my book. Thanks for another informing post, Joan!

  5. Getting back to basics is always a great place to start. Building a strong foundation is huge, and taking the time to do the research will be a time saver later on. Good post with reminders we can all learn from!

  6. Another great, informative post! I do all of these things in my blog. I have found that blogging is one of the best ways to deliver consistent, quality content and VALUE to my target market of small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The value keeps them coming back for more of my expertise and helps to convert them from prospects to paying clients.

    • Thank you Niquenya! Yes, by delivering consistent, quality content and VALUE that keeps them coming back for more and that will totally convert them into paying clients over the long haul 🙂 100% agree!

  7. This is invaluable information not just for newbies but for the more seasoned and everybody else in between. I have been blogging for about 4 months now yet this article serves as a checklist and a noteworthy reminder that ensures success going forward.

    Your suggestions make a lot of sense but what I take away the most is what your say about guest blogging and getting more familiar with the blogging community. This goal will feature high on my ‘to do’ list and I’m inspired to get going right away.

    Your blog is clear and concise which makes it easy to read and to implement. I did into suffer from information overload one little bit which can sometimes cause me to switch off or skim. Great stuff Joan, thanks for an informative read. 🙂

  8. Great tips! I really liked the questions for improvement that you list. I think it is great to continue to find ways to improve your marketing/blogging. This really invites interaction as well – I bet it is much more memorable for an audience member!

  9. Great post it is really helpful marketing through email. everything explained step by step hope this will help people to engage with readers and bring good traffic to blog. Thanks for sharing

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