How to Captivate Your Audience

Do you know how to captivate your audience?



How To Captivate Your Audience




Copywriting formulas are awesome tools for any entrepreneur as they offer the best way to naturally follow your customer’s “thought sequence”, and sell to them in a way that’s persuasive but 100% sleaze-free.


You’ve probably heard about A.I.D.A. (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action), which is the most famous copywriting formula, but it’s not the only winning formula out there.




In today’s post, I wanted to share with you, 4 more formulas that you can use to captivate your audience, in your email copy, Web pages, videos from Danny Iny, Firepole Marketing.


1. Problem – Solution – Price

  • Ask your client about a problem that keeps them up at night, or describe it to them.
  • Set up your product or service as a solution.
  • Communicate the investment they’ll need to make at the very end, once you “know” they want your solution.
  • Use this formula when writing proposals for consulting and coaching clients, and even when pitching your product or service in conversation.


2.  Before – After – Bridge

  • Open by describing a bad situation someone from your target market used to be in.
  • Continue by detailing how their life’s turned around 180 degrees.
  • Finally, close the loop by revealing how it happened.
  • This one is excellent for creating persuasive case studies.
  • It uses perhaps the most powerful human motivation – curiosity, and compels people to finish reading.


3.  Features – Advantages – Benefits

  • Describe what your product or service can do.
  • Tell why exactly this is helpful.
  • Finish by elaborating what it means for the person reading.
  • F.A.B. formula is a life-saver when you need to re-do a bland, sleep-inducing “Features” or “About” page.
  • You can use it for a lot of things, but it’s the most suitable for crafting exciting descriptions of products and services.


4.  Picture – Promise – Prove – Push

  • Paint a picture describing a perfect scenario for your potential customer.
  • Describe to them what your product or service will do.
  • Back it up with case studies, testimonials, and statistics.
  • Finally, close with a call to action.





These 4 formulas are slightly more specialized than the good old A.I.D.A. but incredibly useful and versatile to captivate your audience, all the same.




Who doesn’t want to write irresistible proposals, or craft compelling webpages, or create gripping, jaw-dropping case studies?




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington




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26 thoughts on “How to Captivate Your Audience

  1. I had heard of AIDA but the others really help with different scenarios. Rather than trying to convince someone they need what you’re offering even if they don’t need it, they focus on satisfying existing needs and problems.

  2. Hey Joan,

    I see you’re a follower of Danny Iny, awesome guy who of course REALLY knows how to build a business.

    I met him some years back after I won the contest he was putting on with the release of his new book. The funny thing is that sometimes we women end up following our instincts instead of what we’re being taught to do. I followed mine back then at that time and little did I know that Danny had gone through the same thing the rest of us did and failed miserably. He learned through that process to build your audience first and then give them what they want.

    Above is everything that he teaches his readers and students to do in order to build a successful and sustainable business. I’ve been following him for years myself and learning from him.

    Thank you for pointing these out and sharing what we all know works. Way to go Joan.


    • says:

      Hi Adrienne!
      Yes, love Danny Ivy and all of his value! Absolutely, it is always good to know that others have struggled before us and now know what works 🙂 I learn so much from him as well!! Thanks for your feedback my friend 🙂

  3. Danny Iny and Firepole Marketing is another favorite of mine, Joan. I did one of their courses last year and learned a lot from them during the 2014 Scavenger Hunt where I came in 3rd place. I remember all 4 options of copy writing and the best part is that each method enables the writer to get their message across without sounding ‘salesy’.

  4. The 4th one is a bit of twist from what we usually hear and it resonated the most with me. Thanks for always offering great “food for thought”, Joan, in the way of tips that help us to reassess how we present ourselves to the world and how we can improve our engagement to build better online relationships.

  5. This post is so great for me right now as I put together my very first presentation that I’m doing through my own company. I have heard of some of these – this post is a great cheat sheet to keep them top of mind for me! Thank you for sharing this – I will definitely be putting these ideas to work in my presentation and I’ll let you know how it goes. I love reading your tips in your posts – they bring me “A-HA” moments.

    • says:

      So glad to hear that Tamara! Would love to hear how it goes for you, definately 🙂 Happy that you have so many “A-HA” moments from my blog posts, thank you ….You TOTALLY rock! Appreciate it!

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