How To Convert Your Blog Post Content Into Sales

Here are 3 tips that will help you convert your  blog post content into new sales



When done in the right way, well-written, compelling and interesting blog posts can not only attract a wide following, but attract more people who want to spend money on your product or service.


However, this is not easy, and most people fail to take advantage of their blogging platform.  For example, many bloggers provide information and forget to nudge the customer in the right direction and others opt to write content that is too direct, and this frustrates readers.



Instead, with a well-written post and some serious thought into your blog posts, start utilizing the following 3 tips, from George Nielson, Audience Bloom,  so you can start converting users at a phenomenal rate.


1.  Be beneficial

  • Above all else, your readers should enjoy your content.
  • This is true whether you write about boats, bicycles or house cleaning.
  • Now, it is not always easy to make content that is useful to the reader.
  • But, it is imperative.
  • To do so, you should think of your reader and do a little research.
  • When writing a post, you should read it back to yourself and ask a simple question.
  • Does this offer value and did I learn something from the blog?
  • If this is not the case, you should get back to work and write a more compelling post.
  • Without providing something of interest to the readers, you are going to face an uphill battle to convert them into a customer.
  • Ideally, to do this, you should also remember to keep your blog posts short and sweet.
  • Meaning, when keeping it under 1,500 words, you can provide value without boring the reader.
  • If you can master this important part of blogging, you are well on your way to enjoying a solid following of people eager to buy your product or service.

2.  Use a call-to-action

  • Simply put, a call-to-action is when you write the content, you should speak to your audience in a way that compels them to sign up for services, spend money or buy a product.
  • While it is wise to have a call-to-action, you should not sound like a salesperson.
  • When making a call-to-action script, you should opt to put it in the middle and end of the post.
  • This way, a reader will see it without becoming overwhelmed by a sales pitch.
  • Instead, with a simple offering of an idea, you can get someone excited without making them feel like they are part of a commercial.
  • When mastered, you are going to have an easy time making money with your blog posts as this is beneficial for anyone who wants to get their visitors to shell out cash.

3.  Leave no question unanswered

  • You need to provide value to your reader.
  • They need to walk away from the blog post and have their questions answered.
  • When thinking about the product or service you are selling, you should try to outline every possible benefit.
  • You should prepare for the onslaught of questions people will have about a product.
  • Without a doubt, when you can quell their inner voice and prevent them from backing down, you are going to enjoy an extremely high conversion rate.
  • A great writer will have little trouble in creating blog posts that people both enjoy and find informative.
  • When running a blog, you can make more money with some effort.
  • At the same time, you must understand how it works and what you can do to excite people and get them to shell out money.
  • While there is a lot of competition online, you can rise above everyone else if you simply provide value, gain a lot of followers, encourage sharing and leave no questions unanswered.


Once you master blog writing and posting, you will kill the competition who still relies on old methods to find, attract and convert visitors into customers who want to come back over and over.


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