How To Create A Compelling Message

4 Tips To Creating A Compelling Message







Create A Compelling Message Using These 4 Tips






You attract or repel in each moment.




You are a living, breathing magnet.





“Crafting a compelling message makes you magnetic to like-minded people”.………says my friend Ryan Biddulph





You attract individuals with a similar vision.





Here are Ryan’s 4 Tips to Creating a Compelling Message





Tip 1 – Establish Clarity

  • What do your websites say about you?
  • What message are you conveying?
  • Your entire internet marketing campaign must be true to you.
  • Your message must be loud and clear.
  • Who do you want to attract?




Tip 2 – Inject Energy

  • As a law of attraction magnet you simply attract like energy.
  • These energies include ideas, people and circumstances.
  • It All Depends On Your Energy.
  • Dance around.
  • Laugh. Smile. Lighten up.
  • Then you can work, only after you’ve aligned yourself.




Tip 3 – Spend Time on Personal Development

  • Spend 1 hour or more on personal development daily.
  • Your message will lack clarity and energy unless you uncover limiting beliefs within your being.
  • We all have them, but people who work persistently on their mental tools are the ones who expose and dissolve their blocks.
  • You know, the “I suck at writing copy”, or “I have no time to do social media”, or “I am terrible on the phone”, type stuff.
  • These limiting beliefs gotta go in order to make your internet marketing message pulsating, full of positive energy.
  • As the blocks dissolve you naturally attract that which you focus on.




Tip 4 – Practice Writing

  • Write one blog post or article daily.
  • Get your point across by honing your writing skills.
  • You make an impact by practicing.
  • As your copy skills improve like-minded people will flock to you.
  • All because you worked on your craft: you simply improved your ability to use words…to inspire individuals into taking action.





If you enjoyed these 4 tips from my friend Ryan, and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share with everyone you feel will benefit from knowing this information…..Thank you!





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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