How To Create a Memorable Brand

Creating a Memorable Brand


Understanding WHO your customers are and HOW they perceive your business is the most important part of creating a GREAT brand.


Is your brand reachable? Can customers think of your business as something tangible, personal, and real? 


If your brand acts and feels open, inviting, and human— just like you—you will be able to have a conversation with your customers the way friends do.


A logo is not a brand.  Logos are just one more way to create a presence, a language, a connection—something that is universally understood and enjoyed.  Logos can be categorized as these three types:

  1. Symbol/Logomark
  2. Logotype/Wordmark
  3. Combination Marks




Determining what works best for you will depend on certain factors such as industry type, target audience, company message, beliefs, and tone.




According to Ian Main, guest blogger for QuickSprout, you only need four ingredients to create a successful brand:

  • An understanding of your customers
  • Friendliness towards your customers
  • Honesty in how your business presents itself
  • Depth beyond color and typography


Impact people’s lives. Get them to slow down by forming a personal connection.


Remember, it’s about them, not you. Give them enjoyment, a belief, and trust in what you do and a reason to make themselves better at what they do.


“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon


Make sure you ask the right questions about your business and your customers. Your goal is to align your business message, beliefs, and values with the brand identity that you create. This will help you avoid  generating the wrong tone or emotion and ensure that your businesses image is upheld.


To learn more about picking colors for your brand click here for more information on how QuickSprout got theirs 🙂 


Creating a memorable brand isn’t easy, but if you keep in mind that spending more money on branding doesn’t necessarily yield the results you are looking for.  It’s best to put in the effort upfront to ensure that your brand reflects your businesses’ core values.



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19 Replies to “How To Create a Memorable Brand”

  1. Great post Joan. I especially love the Jeff Bezos quote – so many people forget that the only way to control their brand is to live up to customer / client expectations. The client experience creates the brand – logo or no logo. Good reminders here for all of us!!

  2. Thanks, Joan.
    I wrote these down. I’m working on this aspect of my blog.
    I don’t always have the same readers so I have to decide who is my target readership.
    Thanks again!

  3. My branding logo was creating by a brilliant friend of mine, an art director, and it continues to start conversations whenever people see it. I’ve got a specific colour scheme based on the rose-coloured glasses, which has both literal and figurative meaning to me, my message and my book. His design also managed to make the glass lenses my initials, which adds one more talking point to the conversations.

    Love the quote by Jeff Bezos and hopefully my brand is well talked about when I am not in the room. The customer, or in my case the reader of my writing, is who I am always directing my conversational writing to, so hopefully I am on track with your great points in this post. Thanks again Joan!

  4. Before I learned what I now know about social media marketing, I thought branding was your name, logo and colors. I know these help, but it is the human connection. Good points. We are now thinking about a logo.

  5. I have checked yes to friendly, honesty and depth, but perhaps still working on knowing my customer. I do think that a prospective customer wants to see a personality behind a brand and is more apt to making the click if it’s in a trusting and caring environment. Thanks Joan for reinforcing what is working for me and your invaluable suggestions for what is not. 🙂

  6. Good info. Building your brand is an ongoing exercise. I spend a great deal of time coaching my small business clients around building a brand that uniquely represents their values and beliefs. Your brand is represented by everything you do. It is your logo, your colors, the things you wear, your name, the products and services you offer, the business processes you use, and the manner in which you serve your customers. Branding is literally everything about you and your business working together to create a big picture of the value you have to offer.

  7. Great info to start building a memorable brand, of which I can be proud, as it reaches out to my audience, in a helpful and meaningful way. My brand is The Tribal Mom – indicating fierce and social marketing, MOM, aka Make Our Money.

  8. I love the quote “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” I am still learning about branding. My brand is “VitaminChealing.” I want to be known for Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul. A fellow entrepreneur told me when I walk in the room I should be known as the “Vitamin lady!” I guess that’s when I’ll know I have arrived. Thank you for this valuable information!

  9. Who your customers are and how they perceive you is so important in branding
    Your brand is what your customers and or potential customers think of you as.
    I liked this quote Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
    – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

    Great article as always Joan.

    1. Yes it is so important to know who your customers are and how they are perceiving your brand 🙂 Great quote! Thanks Kathryn for your awesome comment! Very much appreciated !!

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