How To Create A Mesmerizing Attraction Marketing Campaign

Create A Mesmerizing Home Business Attraction Marketing Campaign








8 Tips To Help You Create A Mesmerizing Attraction Marketing Campaign






Today, I felt inspired to share this article by my friend, Ryan Biddulph on “How To Create A Mesmerizing Attraction Marketing Campaign For Your Home Business.”…….Enjoy friends!





Are you using attraction marketing principles to skyrocket your home business growth?







Do you strain and strive to reach out to 1 or 2 leads each day?




The true secret is……




Attraction marketing principles make your job EASIER.




People come to you.





No need to chase leads. Or coerce leads. Or lie to leads.





Qualified, targeted leads show up on your doorstep.





Are you ready to learn how you can build a mesmerizing attraction marketing campaign? 






Tip 1 – Create Value

  • Create value attract value
  • Create blog posts, articles and videos daily
  • Attract people who find your problem solving skills attractive.





Tip 2 – Study the Law of Attraction

  • Study law of attraction principles.
  • How you feel determines what acts you move into.
  • You are a living, breathing magnet.
  • Believe this.
  • Attract ideas, circumstances and people to build a rock solid marketing campaign.




Tip 3 – Slow Down and Breathe

  • Slow down.
  • Calm down.
  • Does a magnet need to physically work, to attract?
  • Nope.
  • Effortless.
  • You attract ideas, people and circumstances to build your dreams with ease.
  • Your acts are calm, confident, light, airy.
  • No pressure.
  • No stress.




Tip 4 – Sell the Dream

  • Sell a dream.
  • People dream of a better life.
  • In between your “How To” posts make sure to sell the dream.




Tip 5 – Spare Hype

  • Using inflated claims or flat out LYING to people is repelling.
  • People sprint from liars.
  • Tell the truth and become more attractive.




Tip 6 – Offer Knowledge Not Opportunities

  • A chimp can post opportunity-driven ads all day long.
  • One problem: when the opportunity you built your entire campaign on dies, so do you.
  • Offer “How To” knowledge.
  • Teach people to prosper online.
  • People seek you out.
  • “Become uber attractive”…..says Ryan
  • Opportunities come and go.
  • Your knowledge remains forever if you develop it continually.




Tip 7 – Build Your Network

  • Surround yourself with a network of high energy, inspiring people.
  • Law of attraction 101, once again.
  • You attract who you are.
  • Acting high energy?
  • Attract high energy folks.
  • Your job becomes SO MUCH easier when you are promoted, inspired by and supported by a high energy network.




Tip 8 – Work Daily

  • Attractive people do not work in fits and starts.
  • How could you ever be programmed by their message?
  • Work intelligently, calmly and confidently each day.
  • Stick out.
  • Make an impact.
  • Attract.





Use these 8 tips to create a mesmerizing home business attraction marketing campaign…….starting today……are you ready?





If you enjoyed these 8 tips from Ryan and found TONS OF VALUE, please, do yourself a favor and share with anyone you feel would benefit from knowing this information…..Thank You!





Sharing Is Caring!





To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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