How To Create A Solid Lead Magnet

Creating a solid lead magnet…..what you need to know.



First of all, what is a Lead Magnet anyway?


Lead Magnets are, quite simply, whatever you give someone to sign up for your list.   You’ll want to give them something that they can’t resist like a free report or a video series teaching them something they’d be interested in.



Let’s talk about the different lead generation strategies that you can implement in your business right now to drastically improve the conversions you get from traffic to an email opt-in list or some sort of landing page where you qualify prospects.

When you break down lead generation to a landing page, it’s really pretty simple…

1. People come to a website.

2. They decide whether or not they want more information from you.

3. They sign up for more information or they don’t



Understanding that not all types of a lead magnet are perfect for all businesses…but as long as you package something that’s consumable and offers value, you’ll be set.

Here are a few examples of some lead magnets:

  • Blog Content
  • Free Report
  • A free report just works
  • People like to sit down and read, especially on their Kindle or iPad, or after printing it out.
  • Videos
  • Videos work, plain and simple.
  • A video series or a singular video that actually teaches them something is very powerful!
  • Audio (.mp3) Audio (or .mp3 files)
  • Another valuable freebie offer that lots of people enjoy because it’s portable.
  • They can put it on their iPod or on their computer and take it with them.
  • If you want to really pack a 1-2 punch, create a video and strip out the audio portion of it!
  • That way they can watch the video and/or put the mp3 on their mobile phone to listen to later…
  • Software
  • Ultimately, software is an awesome lead source because it requires very little ‘selling.’ It just works.
  • If people like a short demo, they sign up for it!


Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose one type of lead magnet that you like, create it, and offer it for download to users who sign up for your list!


It doesn’t get any more complicated than that…


You need to realize that your lead magnet, if you deliver on the promise of adding value to your prospect – will actually serve as a great sales tool.


If you give someone a great experience, an a-ha moment, or help in solving a problem; they’ll follow you for a long time.


So now it is time to start writing your lead magnets and start building your list……Nothing is going to happen if you don’t do it!




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