How To Create An Authentic Online Presence

Discover These 5 Tips For Creating An Authentic Online Presence













Utilize These 5 Tips For Creating An Authentic Online Presence





The importance of having an active online presence has never been greater.



Huge numbers of people are actively communicating via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and more.



But just having these accounts is not enough.



One of the best ways to talk with customers online is to be genuine and authentic and that will help you establish yourself as a legitimate authority.


Online users want to interact with real people and gain real, useful information, so they’ll be more likely to talk to you and engage your brand if you come across as authentic.








Here are 5 tips, from Help Scout, to help you establish a more authentic online presence




Don’t sell, just talk, and help.




1.  Respond to everything

  • You wouldn’t ignore a customer if they walked into your store, and you shouldn’t ignore them online, either.
  • On sites like Twitter, it doesn’t take long to send a quick response if someone mentions you.



2.  Go where your customers go

  • Rather than having a mediocre presence on every online outlet, identify the channels that your customers use most frequently and focus your attentions there.



3.  Engage in conversations

  • Instead of spewing information out to your customers, engage them in a dialogue about your product or your industry.
  • This establishes your authority and generates trust, which can be helpful later, when that person is considering buying your product.



 4.  Acknowledge poor reviews

  • Acknowledge the flaws mentioned in a review and point out ways that you’re trying to fix them.
  • This shows that you’re receptive to your customers’ wishes and truly want to deliver a good experience for them.



5.  Provide useful information

  • Rather than using the Web as a place for shameless self-promotion, create content that’s actually relevant and useful for the people following you.
  • Once you establish yourself as a legitimate authority within your sphere, people will be more interested in your company and your product.





By creating an authentic, trustworthy online presence for your company, you’ll build an online following that’s more receptive to your message.



The most important thing is to be yourself, stay consistent in your messaging, and have fun!






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