How To Create Emails Your Subscribers Will Enjoy Receiving

As an email marketer, your utmost responsibility to your subscribers is to make sure you are creating emails that they can’t wait to open and actually enjoy receiving.



“The average person is very protective of their inbox, as they should be. So when they get an email from someone they don’t know, they are cautious. Sure, some don’t mind, but some get annoyed, weirded out, or even angry”…..says Neil Patel, 



Imagine what you could do if 50-60% of your list opened and interacted with your emails.


The most important first thing you need to do after someone signs up to your email list is to make sure that you deliver on whatever you promised right away.


While you are still fresh in your website visitors minds the next thing you need to do is: set clear expectations with that very first follow up email.  So, what you say in this email can either help you sustain high open rates in future emails or scare off subscribers.


To achieve the above results in your email marketing strategy, you will need to utilize Neil Patel’s 8 Steps to creating emails that your subscribers will actually WANT to open:


Step 1: Start With an Enticing Subject Line

  • Use numbers
  • Numbers are specific, easy to read, and intriguing.
  • Induce curiosity
  • Curiosity is powerful.
  • When we want to know the answer to something, it gnaws away at us until we find it.
  • The key is to be specific about an event or result but be vague about what led to it.
  • Keep it short


Step 2: It’s All About Value  

  • Think about why new subscribers open that first email: it’s to get something.
  • You have something they want, whether it’s knowledge or a tool.
  • If you pitch too soon, too frequently, or too hard, you’ll scare away a potentially good prospect.
  • You have to earn trust by giving away value, time after time.
  • Once a subscriber realizes that you’re not just trying to make a quick buck off them and that your work is actually making a difference in their lives, they will start to trust you.
  • Trust takes time


Step 3: Make It Personal

  • Here is how to make friends with your subscribers:
  • Share interesting personal stories
  • Talk to one person—add personality
  • If you try to rush, you’ll freak people out
  • Relationships take time to develop.
  • When it comes to your email list, you need to share stories and personal details one step at a time.
  • When someone first subscribes, they might like to know who you are and one cool fact about you, but they don’t want your life story.


Step 4: Create Cliffhangers

  • Think of every email you send as an “episode” that leads to the next.
  • You should always build upon each email you send.
  • Here are a few ideas to creating a cliffhanger: 
  • Simply continue a topic your subscribers are already interested in.
  • Or you can be even more subtle like slipping in a few teasers throughout your email or at the end in a P.S.-simply by asking 1-3 questions that most of your readers will want to know the answers to, which will then prompt them to open your next email.


Step 5: Email Shouldn’t be One-Sided

  • What’s the solution?
  • Get your readers involved. By asking questions to entice your readers to respond
  • Never make your readers feel like they are sending their responses into a black hole.
  • When they ask a question at the end of an email, make sure to point out that you respond to all emails or, at the very least, read them.
  • Respond to as many as you can…’s the best way to build relationships with your readers and gain true fans.


Step 6: Bigger Isn’t Better

  • If you are going to write lengthy emails, you’d better have something really important to say.
  • Because, if your subscribers read through all of that lengthy email and get nothing out of it, they aren’t going to do it again.
  • Unless you have a good reason, you should stick to a short clear email because shorter emails get the highest opens and click-through rates.
  • With less content, every link you include will stand out more.


Step 7: Function Over Form (make it readable)

  • If you don’t make your email quickly loadable and highly readable, your subscribers are just going to delete it and move on to the next one.
  • Here are a few key tips to remember:
  • Images and formatting should be kept to a minimum in your emails.
  • Format for all devices
  • Make links obvious and easy to click
  • Always keep in mind the point of your email.
  • Here are some of the things you can do to maximize your click-through rate:
  • Use a bigger font for links
  • Put links on a separate line
  • Bold links
  • Put multiple links to the same post with different anchor text


Step 8: Send Consistently and Deliver on Your Claims

  • Right within your first email, you should indicate how often your new subscribers will be getting emails from you.
  • Now you just have to take care of one last piece of the puzzle: what happens after your readers click the link?
  • It’s better to be honest in your description of what you’re linking to and have a lower click-through rate than to be deceptive to get more clicks.
  • The short-term greed will lead to long-term declines in engagement and list size.



Email marketing is the most effective type of marketing there is so it’s important to remember that the above 8 steps are guidelines, not rules.


Once you have a much deeper understanding of these guidelines, and gain experience, there’s no reason you can’t achieve consistent 50+% open rates and record profits.



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  1. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips about emails Joan. It can be disheartening for anyone who takes the trouble to send out emails and then find no one opens them or interacts. Your tips will go a long way to help them.

  2. love the tips you shared in this post. Giving value and inspiring your list to do great things i think will keep em coming back. Everyone needs to know they have whatever it takes to get their dreams

  3. Thanks Joan! Email marketing can be tricky and you gave us some great tips here! Especially the one about providing value. When I receive emails that constantly push products, I usually opt-out!
    Have a great day.

  4. This is brilliant. You’re exactly right when it comes to making it person. I use to alway write as though I was a magazine rather than myself. It was a big shift and it also made the writing process more enjoyable. Love the Cliffhanger’s point! That’s something I haven’t tried or event thought of. Thank you.

  5. Very timely post, Joan, as I was just crafting my latest newsletter to send out this week. The interesting thing for me, is that I am generally sharing new articles I write and I’ve started putting the first few paragraphs of the piece in the body of the email with three links in different places to arrive at the entire post. Sounds like I am doing that correctly. 🙂 I also ask a question at the end generally in hopes they will reply to me. It is challenging to know as a writer, what is too much and too little to share in my newsletter. Although my list is small, I do have a high open rate which is good as well. Thanks for the great post, as it affirms that what I am doing is on track!

    1. That is awesome Beverley! Glad you found this post timely for you my friend 🙂 I do try and share tips that can be easily implemented by my readers 🙂 You are welcome! Thank you for your wonderful feedback 🙂

  6. Great post Joan. Neil Patel has such a great insight into how to create great emails, I open almost all the ones I receive from him. I have to go through my own auto-responder sequence soon and the tips shared here will certainly be useful in creating better emails for my subscribers. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Ian

  7. Great information Joan – email marketing is so important and you provide great tools here that will create very interesting emails for sure! Thank you for the value 🙂

  8. Hi Joan,

    Really good post here.

    Your tip about bigger isn’t better is very accurate. I found that when I kept my emails fairly short, they performed much better than others. Also, I love the point about making it personal … that should be done to build a stronger rapport and connection with readers.

    – Andrew

  9. Thanks for this! Ive been wanting some help with email marketing! I appreciate you sharing this with us all!

  10. Our emails have been to an ongoing list and after reading this, I’m thinking we can look at how we market or send the first email content after signing up. I think it could be different & we can segment our groups. Food for thought. Really good content here.

  11. Hi Joan – thanks for sharing these great tips – all good points as we craft messages we hope will be received well. This is a post to be bookmarked for sure!

  12. Joan I love this blog and it is very timely for me so for sure I’m going to implement all the really good tips you’ve provided. The information is almost like a ‘things to do’ checklist which makes it easy to action. I agree with most of what you say and Neil’s 8 step format really drives it home. I often put myself in the subscriber’s seat and look at what entices me to open or delete an email or in some cases hit the unsubscribe button!

    Thank you for sharing this invaluable information that is sure to improve my readership!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! So glad you found this post helpful and valuable and easy to implement 🙂 Anything that improves our readership is a good thing girl!! Appreciate your feedback 🙂

  13. I love your tip about email not being one sided. That is so important that you ensure you are not just talking to your subscribers but creating a conversation. The most effective email marketing makes subscribers a part of the conversation and gives them the opportunity to respond and contribute to the experience.

  14. Great blog! As you said, adding value and short quality emails seem to grab my attention. I need to learn more about this kind of information, so thank you so much for sharing the great tips!

  15. Joan, thank you. I have a question – I’ve always heard that we should keep an email to a minimum of topics in order to be more likely to garner a response. Have you found this to be true?

    1. Hi Lori Ann,

      What that means is that you need to stay within your niche in your email marketing…..not go all over the place! Yes, I cater to bloggers mostly, so in my emails I always make sure that at some point they will respond and usually they do 😉

  16. Hi Joan, Thank you for this timely email. I have some clients getting ready to start their new email campaigns. Setting goals for your email campaigns are important too – as you include them in your “social marketing” streams. I like how you included “write personally” – this is a take on creating a persona – to have a conversation with your readers. This is the secret, not so secret, sauce to social media streams; including email marketing. Thanks for the great article – it’s bookmarked!

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