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Creating Killer Marketing Content












Are You Creating Killer Marketing Content?





Here are 10 practical tips to creating Killer Marketing Content by Sarah Goliger of HubSpot











Tip #1 – Follow Industry News

  • You must be plugged in with news and trends related to your industry if you’re going to create relevant, timely content.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from bloggers that cover your industry or speak to your target audience.
  • Subscribe to email newsletters from niche publications that cover your industry, as well as your vendors and even your competitors.
  • Set up Google Alerts for non-branded keywords related to your industry, your products, and your persona’s pain points.



Tip #2 – Monitor Social Conversations

  • Social media gives you a real-time feed of what your prospects are talking about.
  • If you listen carefully, you’ll find plenty of good hooks for new content.
  • In order to be efficient at monitoring social media conversations, you’ll need to use some marketing software that helps you filter the discussions and identify the ones you are most interested in.



Tip #3 – Recruit A Team Of Content Creators

  • New online content marketplaces are springing up to connect marketers with legions of freelance writers and editors who will take on blog posts, ebooks, and other writing jobs for you.
  • You can specify the topic, your desired style and tone, and your intended audience, and you typically don’t have to pay unless you accept the finished article.



Tip #4 – Keep A Content Backlog And Style Bank

  • Regular blogging is a cornerstone of inbound marketing, so make sure you’ve got plenty of ideas on hand for updating your blog at least daily.
  • Keep a backlog of the topics you want to cover.
  • Style banks present another great tool to facilitate your writing strategy…..they generally encompass writing templates and design ideas that result in fresh and complelling content



Tip #5 – Repurpose Content

  • Almost every piece of content you create can be adapted, reused, modified and republished in another format.
  • Make a habit of finding multiple ways to package and distribute the same information in different formats.
  • Here are a few ideas:
  • Combine text from an old whitepaper with new videos to create a video (multimedia) ebook.
  • Turn videos into blog posts and ebooks.
  • Each video can form the basis of a new blog post that includes a link to the video along with examples and takeaways
  • Use webinar questions and comments to create a new ebook.
  • Once the webinar is over, you can compile the most interesting or commonly asked questions from the audience with answers from your team for a nice piece of content that directly addresses your prospects’ pain points.



Tip #6 – Take The Video Camera Everywhere

  • Creating video content doesn’t have to be a big production process.
  • Here are a couple simple video ideas:
  • If you see a question on twitter that someone from your company can answer, film their response and tweet a link to the video
  • Always bring a camera to trade shows or other industry events and shoot short clips, such as interviews with compelling industry experts or audience surveys.



Tip #7 – Write Annual and “Best Of” Features

  • Round-ups, reviews, and look-backs are classic techniques that magazine publishers use to fill their pages – especially at the end of the year or during summer doldrums.
  • Find places in your own editorial calendar for features, such as:
  • A compilation of your most popular blog posts for a “best-of” ebook each December.
  • A list of top products of the year for a retail niche.
  • Such topics are easy to put together and will most likely appeal to a broader audience.



Tip #8 – Conduct Original Research

  • Customers, prospects, bloggers, and reporters covering your industry love new data.
  • Find ways that you can mine your recent sales information or your audience for unique new research about your niche.
  • Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo make it easy to conduct online surveys of your audience.



Tip #9 – Look Beyond Your Industry and Audience

  • Being relevant doesn’t mean you can only write about your niche.
  • Looking beyond your niche and making useful connections between seemingly unrelated things is often the inspiration for fun, eye-opening content
  • Your customers and prospects have a lot of different interests, so when you offer something that features two of those interests in a surprising way, you’ve got a good chance of really connecting with the people who care about both of those things.
  • The possibilities are endless once you get used to looking at the world as fuel for marketing content.



Tip #10 – Keep A List Of Evergreen Content

  • Evergreen content covers topics that are always interesting to your audience regardless of seasonal trends, economic conditions, or other external factors.
  • Evergreen topics not only help you fill holes in your calendar, but they are an extremely valuable asset for inbound marketing.
  • Thanks to their evergreen nature, this type of content can continue to drive traffic to your site for months or even years — as long as there’s an audience out there searching for the kind of advice you’re sharing





Content alone can’t generate inbound marketing success.



The pieces you create have to fit into an overall strategy of SEO, social media engagement, lead nurturing, measurement, and optimization.



But with a well-defined content strategy, a detailed editorial calendar, and a good topic backlog, you’ll be publishing content like a pro and be on well on your way to becoming a more effective marketer





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To Your Success,
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  1. Your blogs are so cool and awesome Jo..I has accelerated my adrenalin..How can I benefit your blogs as you've had told that your are going to help me boost my business? Thanks for sharing it to me my friend..You're so awesome friend to me…

  2. Your blogs are so cool and awesome Jo..It has accelerated my adrenalin..How can I benefit your blogs as you've had told me that your are going to help me boost my business? Thanks for sharing it to me my friend..You're so awesome friend to me…
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