How To Create Killer Website Content

Creating Killer Website Content













How To Create Killer Website Content





Content is one of the most important aspects of any website.




It is what search engines and people are looking for.



It’s what drives visitors to your site and turns prospects into leads.





Here are 7 Must-haves for creating killer content by HubSpot





There are four basic questions you need to ask yourself regarding the content of your website

  • Will people know what I do within seconds?
  • Will they understand what page they’re on and what it’s about?
  • Will they know what to do next?
  • Why should they buy/subscribe/download from this site instead of from someone else?





It should be readily apparent what your site is all about to your visitors and what they can do there and why they should take action.



1.   Create a few headlines and sub-headline ideas for your most important pages

  • Use a powerful value proposition


2.   Make sure to include clear call-to-actions and next steps.

  • Include links in your body copy, next step links at the end of the copy and calls-to-action wherever appropriate.


3.  Test your copy

  • For the most accurate indication of a winning headline, use A/B testing to determine which variation drives the most conversions.


4.   Educate and Offer Value

  • Remember it’s not all about you.
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Offer more than just product content.
  • Provide eBooks,whitepapers, videos, and other forms of content that is educational.
  • Write as if you are speaking directly to your audience.
  • Use words like “you,” and “we.”
  • Be transparent.
  • Make yourself sound human.
  • Speak their language.


5.   Quality Content

  • Offer unique content
  • Write for humans, not search engines
  • Provide value and educational content that helps others.
  • Keep content fresh.
  • Know your audience .
  • Providing content that is specific to your buyers makes it more relevant for them, and in turn, higher quality.


6.  Be Clear and Not Clever

  • As consumers we are tired of advertising trickery, marketing cliques, and surreptitious methods of persuasion.
  • Be careful not to make things more complicated than they need to be.
  • Use simple words that are easy to understand.
  • Your goal is to be understood.
  • Just be clear with what you want people to do on your site.
  • You will gain more fans and followers in the long-run.


7.  Make Content Shareable and Social

  • Add a sharing widget or plugin to every page on your site.
  • This will enable visitors to share your pages via all the major social networks.
  • Tools like AddThis or ShareThis are easy to install and provide you with analytic tracking as well.




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