How To Create Outstanding Web Copy That Converts

Creating Outstanding Web Copy That Converts Easily…..Here’s What You Need To Know




[tweet_box design=”box_08″]Everything you write should help answer the question “Why?” Why should the customer continue along the funnel to an eventual purchase? What’s in it for them?[/tweet_box]



So, how do you write web copy that does this consistently?




Here are 6 strategies from Ray Sylvester (a content specialist at Rocket Codefor crafting great web copy, that will help you establish the discipline and mindset as well as help you build trust and more effectively communicate the value of your products and services to your customers.







1. Test your copy

  • Remember that your copy is not immune to the necessity and rigor of A/B testing.
  • In fact, web copy is one of the most important and often most overlooked aspects of the user experience — one that flies under the radar for many ecommerce businesses when they’re thinking about testing and optimizing.


2. Heed the power of emotion, part I: framing

  • The first way to think about the power of emotion when it comes to copywriting is framing.
  • Framing involves presenting the same information in different ways, paying heed to how emotions drive many of our reactions to what we see and read online.
  • It’s all about creating context to encourage certain behaviors and discourage others.


3. Heed the power of emotion, part II: trigger words

  • A single word can conjure hope, fear, urgency, excitement, sadness, and just about any emotion under the sun.
  • There are plenty of words that when employed carefully, can be pretty powerful triggers — even seemingly simple ones like “free,” “you,” “save,” and “new.”


4. Trim the fat

  • As an overall strategy, it’s smart to see what you can lose from your copy and still retain the core message or story.
  • People won’t necessarily shy away from longer copy, but only if it’s well written, and a big part of writing well is eliminating unnecessary verbiage.
  • Think about aiming for brevity on a smaller scale — in your phrases and sentences — to create copy that can succeed on a larger scale, like an entire landing page.
  • The less fluff your readers need to sift through at the sentence level, the more invigorated they’ll likely be to read more.


5. Be consistent throughout the funnel

  • Great web copy should lead your customers on a journey that ends with conversion.
  • A user may enter the funnel at multiple points, but they all lead to the same place.
  • And along all of these “threads” through the funnel, consistency is key.
  • Remember that every piece of copy sets expectations and makes promises, and you need to follow through on those expectations and promises, however subtle they may be.


6. Talk to your customers to learn their language and logic

  • You can learn a ton just by interacting with your customers.
  • Talk to them on social media and via your support channels
  • Learn more about their needs and pain points by querying them, either through a quick, three-second survey on your site, or via a longer email survey with a small incentive attached.
  • Engaging with your customers in these ways gives you valuable information in two respects.
  • For one, it lets you know how they think about, and what they want from, your products and services; you can think of this as their emotional logic.
  • And second, it tells you something about the actual language they use to relate to your business and its products and services.



Getting smart about the specific language and particular emotional logic of your customers gives you insight into how to better communicate the benefits of your offerings and craft web copy that will resonate and convert.



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  1. Hi Joan,
    I agree your copy is responsible for your conversions. You have to meet your people where there are & speak their language otherwise; you will attract an entirely different audience.
    Thank you for sharing great tips!

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